30+ New Best Magento 2 Extensions Free & Premium


If you want to add more extensions to your magento 2 store, the list of free magento 2 extensions will be helpful for you. These magento 2 free extensions are expected to help store owner & shoppers manage & purchase easier. Let’s take a quick look at below features

1. Magento 2 Brand Extension (FREE)

Ves brand extension is created to help your customers quickly find product by their favorite brand/ manufacture. Moreover, you can show your brand logos block on any position of your site with owl carousel.

lof_magento-2-brand-extension_main Details

This module is very easy to use and user friendly. You can find it easy to create brand page as you expected.

Especially this is our first magento 2 module that compatible with magento version 2.0.

To install this module, please copy the code from this repo to folder root of your Magento 2 website. If you do this after installing Magento 2 you need to run php bin/magento setup:upgrade


FORM BUILDER FOR MAGENTO 2 is one of the most themes in magento 2 store where our Magento 2 Form Builder satisfy your demand. The visual admin panel with drag & drop interface give a full of control the content and appearance form. It’s easy to use like google form. Form Builder extension for magento 2 has officially been released since 29/4/2016.



3. Magento 2 Image Slider (FREE)

If you are seeking magento 2 slider extension that is really easy to use, this extension will be a smart choice.



There are several useful and powerful features that could be mentioned as:

>> Fully responsive & beautiful image slider

>> Support editor for inserting image, video text.

>> OWL Carousel

>> Image slider can be displayed anywhere in your store with CMS & Widget

>> Tons of Animation with Live Preview

>> Support 10 slider

4. Free Magento 2 Product List (FREE)

Magento 2 product list lets you organize and showcase a list of products as you expected.  Moreover, thanks to the widget block, you can place it anywhere on your site.

magento 2 product list





Magento 2 FAQ Extension help you to set up nice informative & SEO friendly FAQ page. Advanced FAQ module also allows you to create a list of questions on product detail page, unlimited FAQ categories & Q&A page, show FAQ on Detail Page, powerful searching tools, view the answers for Expand/ Collapse feature  Question and easy to customize interface, nice popup.




 Impress your customers and enhance your store credibility by using our Magento 2 Testimonials extension. Using this magento testimonials module, you can monitor customer’s review and testimonial easily on a daily basics. Thanks to this you can convert more sale for your store.



 Blogging is considered as a effective marketing tool to promote website. With our blog extension magento 2, you can engage and attract a wide range  of target audiences.



If you are looking for a solution to build magento 2 theme faster and easier? Our magento 2 page builder is meet your need. Let’s discover to  below features to understand how it works


MAGENTO 2-search800x491


 Our completed & Suggested Magento 2 Search Autocomplete extension provides a dropdown of destination suggestions once they are past typing the third symbol in the search field, allowing them to jump to relevant products without going through the search result page. Additionally, the drop down tab includes matching keywords to guide the search in the direction of most results.




 Only by using this Magento 2 Image Gallery Extension, you can create attractive photo galleries and add them under product pages. Moreover, you can also create a separate Image gallery page to publish photo albums of products, events and company.

11. Magento 2 Mega Menu



This amazing Magento 2 Mega Menu comes with drag & drop features and intuitive interface. Hence, you can easily create professional Horizontal Mega Menu, Vertical Menu, Off Canvas Menu with ease. Moreover, there are 7 sub menu Types: Anchor Text, Dynamic Category Listing, Product Listing, Product Grid, Child menu, Default Category Listing, Content. Especially, it is easy for you to style your mega menu without editing CSS file.

12. Magento 2 Order Tracking Extension


As usual, your customers are often concerned because they has already paid but their purchased products still haven’t arrived yet. Our magento 2 order tracking will take your customers directly to the tracking page without login, then they can track magento 2 order status in real-time by any devices


13. Magento 2 Social Login

Let your customers to login via 15+ social network without complex register process. The extension supports you showcase login form with multiple styles and templates.
Easily collect rich customer profile data in the back-end.



14. Magento 2 Infinite Scroll

Magento 2 Infinite scrolling makes shopping experience become more enjoyable and easily. It can automatically load products without interruption. Also your visitors can freely Scroll down & See what page of the catalog they’re on.


15. Magento 2 Reward Points

Reward Points is an effective marketing tool for you to engage shoppers and turning old customers for new purchase over and over. Using Magento 2 Reward Points system, it is created to drive more sale and attract returning customers to your store

main-image- magento2-reward-points


16. Magento 2 Follow Up Email

As you may know, magento 2 follow up email extension is an effective tool for email marketing. You will never lose your customers who already visited your site. Moreover, with our powerful follow-up email extension you are able to increase your store conversion and drive more sale with ease.magento 2 follow up email


17. Magento 2 Store Locator

Help your customers find your stores with ease by adding magento 2 store locator. It supports Google Maps to show your address. Also, the customer can found their expected store easily via distance, Zip code, state.


magento 2 store locator


18. Magento Advanced Reports Magento 2.x & 1.x

Are you seeking magento advanced reports to get the deep insight of your magento stores? LandofCoder bring you 28+ advanced reports based on product, coupon, category, customer group and more! We offer magento 2.x & Magento 1.x

magento advanced reports

Magento 1x Magento 2x

19. Magento 2 Affiliate Extension

This is a perfect extension for you to create your affiliate program. As you may know, affiliate marketing is one of the most important marketing tools for selling online. It helps you to drive more sales from your affiliate channels and let your affiliate earn money. It is fully responsive, fast and easy for affiliate partners to join your program.

magento 2 affiliate extension

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20. Magento 2 SMTP Extension

As you may know, it is necessary for you to configure an SMTP server that takes care of your email delivery. Are you seeking a tool to take full control over Magento 2 SMTP configuration? Or you may need to use other reliable SMTP servers to protect your emails from spam.

However, Magento 2 doesn’t work well with SMTP. Hence, we created Magento 2 SMTP extension. Using the extension, you can choose to send reliable emails from a local hosting or custom SMTP server. Also, you can test your email easily with debug mode. And it allows you to log all sent email and view message in detail.

magento 2 SMTP email

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21. Venus Magento 2 Theme Settings


This Ves Magento 2 Theme Settings is supported you configure header, footer, categories page, category view page, contact Form, product cart. With well-structured and organization, you can easily configure entire parts of your theme. You don’t waste time to leave the page to tailor your theme. So you can save your time to do it and get effective result. It is very clear and eases to do it.

22. Ves Brand 2.0



Our magento brand extension let your shopper find product by their favorite brand/ manufature. Also, you can show your brand logos on the homepage with owl carousel.

23. Magento 2 Lazy Load

lazy load


    • Saves web server resources.
    • Reduce Loading Time.
    • Optimizes Magento 2 site speed.
    • Improve Google page ranking – friendly code strings which promotes site rank in the SERPs.
    • Load Magento 2 images with beautiful transition when customers scroll down the page.
    • Offload for the server (reduce server requests) and save bandwidth.

24. Bestseller Product Widget

This Magento 2 free extensions show the best selling product on homepages or anywhere on your site. Thanks to this, store owners can identify which products being sold best. It also offers several features such as:

– It is responsive and it works on all mobile devices and tablets.

– It does not show the Out of Stock products.

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25.Featured Product Widget- Magento 2 Free Extension

You can choose some of the products as featured products without delaying. Your product will be shown in a grid layout and it is also accessible. Moreover, your featured product widget can be inserted in any position of Magento page.

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26. Magento 2 Extension migration

UB Data Migration Tool allows you to migrate Magento 1.x store to the latest version Magento 2.0. As you can see, migration scope is divided into four perspectives: data, extensions, themes, and customizations. This extension will let you migrate your key product, customer, order data, store configurations etc

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27. Product Price Countdown

Price countdown is an effective way of urging the customer to buy faster. Comes with simple price slider, this Magento 2 free extension also lets you set the countdown timer to any products as you wish easily.

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28. Private Sales

Keep your site private and secured with a private sale. With this Magento 2 free extensions, your site information can be seen to the specific shopper who uses their email address and password to log in.

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29. Store Locator

Store Locator allows your customers to find all your nearest stores to shop. This Magento 2 free extension offers search tool, store address, contact details and website address.

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30. Advanced Product Quickview

Quickview module helps your customer to view and purchase without going back and forth product detail page.

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31. Order Comments for Checkout

Order Comments for Checkout let your customers leave comments during the checkout process.

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31. Instagram Gallery

M Instagram Gallery is an advanced extension that helps you to display photos as gallery from an Instagram account. The photo will be shown in grid layout and popup image.

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32. Price Slider – Magento 2 Free Extensions

Price Slider helps your visitors easily set price filter/slider they wish to purchase. Hence they can save their time on looking for products which are not in their interest. This Magento 2 free extension is really useful for them to refine their product range.

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33. Free Magento 2 Hide Price Extensions

Our magento 2 hide price/call for price extension help you to hide price and replace Add to Cart button with custom message or inquiry form in AJAX popup

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