How to Edit Default Magento 2 Welcome Message

feature magento 2 welcome message

Welcome message is shown in the top right of the header that includes the customer’s name when they logged in. However, if not login, by Magento 2 Welcom Message, the welcome message is set to “Default welcome msg”. If you want to change the message, it is possible to do that. Remember that changing the “Default welcome msg” text as you desire to be more attracted and friendly before you launch your store:

Content >>> Configuration

magento 2 welcome messages 2

At Design part: Choose Store you want to change “Welcome Text” in Magento 2 Welcome Message. Then click “ Edit” store:

magento 2 welcome messages 3

Choose Header: At “Welcome Text”  tab: You can Edit Text for your store

magento 2 welcome messages 1

Finally, Click to “Save config” and refresh your site. Congratulation !

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