How Can User Experience Be Enhanced Through Magento 2 Search Extension?

Enhance user experience with Magento 2 Search Extension

Whether it is setting up one’s own store or opting for drop shipping, everyone is trying their hands at eCommerce. Given the $6.3 trillion global online sales value, we don’t blame them. From a store owner’s perspective, the increase in online stores is a concern. With high cart abandonment rates a problem for every store owner, the increasing competition will make it even more difficult to convert visitors to customers.

However, rather than worrying about others, we recommend focusing on your own store. There are several ways through which you can improve your store’s performance and stay ahead of the competition. One such way is improving the user experience (UX). Success in eCommerce is dependent upon the UX. Regardless of the device type, you need to guarantee a uniform experience for all users.

For instance, the Magento 2 mobile login process needs to be equally efficient and streamlined as logging in from a desktop computer. Likewise, the search functionality must be effective in helping users find the relevant products. Of course, if users cannot find the desired product, they won’t waste time. Instead, they will simply close your store website and open another one. They’ll keep doing this until they find the product.

To avoid losing a customer to a competitor due to poor search functionality, we recommend using Magento 2 search extensions. They can boost your store’s performance and you won’t have to worry about losing customers again. This article discusses the various ways through which these extensions enhance the UX. Before delving into the benefits, let’s get a quick overview of these extensions.

I. What is a Magento 2 Search Extension?

Kindly note that we are not talking about any specific extension. Instead, we are just providing you with an overview. 

While Magento 2 offers in-built search functionality, it is not enough for the customers or the store owners. Through Magento 2 search extensions, merchants can add much more advanced search functionalities. These extensions leverage customer data, algorithms, and more to make it convenient for users to find the desired products.

Magento 2 Search Extension

Suppose a user keeps searching for ‘blue jeans’ on a store, but there is no product with this specific name. Magento’s default search functionality will return ‘no products found’ every time. If you are using a search extension, it will fetch relevant products by analysing the search query and finding relevant synonyms for it. Therefore, if there is no ‘blue jeans’, it will suggest ‘blue cotton pants’ or anything similar.

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II. 5 Ways Magento 2 Search Extensions Improve the UX

#1. Auto Correction

Keep in mind that no one has the time to figure out or write the right spelling. All a visitor wants is to get their product. Instead of returning a no products found error when a user enters the incorrect spelling, provide them with products that closely resemble their search query.

Magento 2 Seach Extentions can auto correction and auto complete

For example, if someone is searching ‘blu geans’, we know they are searching for ‘blue jeans’. A Magento 2 search extension offers spell correction features and auto suggestions based on the user’s search. This goes a long way in reducing frustration among the users.

#2. Improvements in Search Accuracy

Almost every Magento 2 search extension uses technologies such as Elastic Search and Ajex Search to deliver faster and accurate results. The benefit of Elasticsearch is that it can quickly return searches based on structured and unstructured data. The structured data would include the product name or its description.

An extension using Ajex Search for lightening fast speed

On the other hand, the unstructured data can be the customer reviews. By using large amounts of data and returning results accordingly, a user is bound to find the relevant product. This gives them no reason to check out competitor websites or close the tab in frustration.

#3. Enhanced Filtering Options

In some cases, users know precisely which product they want. For example, a blue jean with a 34-inch waist. Rather than waste time in finding this product, a Magento 2 search extension provides them with advanced filtering options. It means a user can apply filters to search for the relevant product. These extensions allow users to search on criteria like price range, colour, size, and more.

#4. Faceted Search

Suppose you are selling jewellery. A user wishes to buy something, but they are unsure what to buy. They simply enter ‘gold’ in the search bar. Your store will display all gold products. This can quickly overwhelm the user and they might put off the purchase altogether. In faceted research, the extension provides users the option to refine their results by selecting any attribute.

For instance, we searched for gold jewellery on Amazon and the results are shown below.

Source: Amazon

On the left side, you can see various categories or attributes. This allows the user to refine their search further. For example, the user can select ‘women’s necklaces’. They can further refine the search by selecting a specific brand or filter by customer reviews. It makes it easier for a user to browse different products until they find what they need.

#5. Personalised Results

Not all, but definitely the top Magento 2 search extensions have the capability to analyse user data. This includes their past purchases, online behaviour, and browsing history. This allows store owners to provide them with highly personalised search results, thereby boosting the chances of a successful conversion.

III. Improving the UX with Magento 2 Mobile Login

While using Magento 2 search extensions is a great way to enhance the UX, don’t ignore mobile accessibility. The below figure shows the traffic and order share of different devices.

Magento 2 Search Extension 2
Source: Statista

The image shows that mobile devices have the highest traffic and order share. Therefore, ignoring mobile accessibility can drive your store to the ground. In other words, ensuring seamless login experiences on mobile devices is equally imperative.


This concludes our article on how Magento 2 search extensions can enhance the UX. Remember, limiting yourself to one UX area alone is a problematic approach. Therefore, have a multi-faceted approach. For instance, as you are done with search extensions, focus on mobile login. This will ultimately lead to higher customer satisfaction and improved store performance.

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