Top 7 Things To Do To Your Market Before Holiday


Whenever the holiday seasons arrive, whether it is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve or the summer holiday, it is essential that you prepare your market well in order to face with a huge number of customers rushing to buy their desired products. These seasons are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to boost your market’s popularity and gain more potential customers, so I suggest you do it right. Because the secret to successful marketing is timing and ceasing your chance, so now I’m helping you to make the best use of the chance you’re having. The following 7 tips that I gathered together will help your market run smoothly before any big holiday.

1. Prepare, organize and share your calendar

It’s always a great idea to get organized and prepare yourself well to get ahead of your schedules. By that I mean, the holiday is coming around the corner and your market needs to get ready soon, so it’s time to sit down, open your laptop, iPad, etc. and start making clear plans for the ideas you have in mind. In addition, getting a good mutual understanding among colleagues when working together is extremely important. Therefore, it’s best if you could share your own calendar with your staffs and co-workers to help them get the grasp of what’s to prepare and what’s to come in this holiday season.

2. Modifying your themes based on the holiday

A good store would attract much more customers if it has stunning and eye-catching visual aids. Refreshing your store graphics is among the most practical and easiest things to do. It also plays an extremely important part in expanding your market’s scale. So play along with your creativity, be bold and be free when you design. You can use vibrant and vivid colors or add elements to your store logo just for the summer holiday. You can come up with different unique ideas of your own to design your store for Christmas holiday and New Year’s Eve. You can be even more creative in a lot of ways, however, you would have to ask your market admin for permission to modify your market theme and adjust similar colors or styles that match with a specific holiday season that you like.

3. Be wise when offering a sale

There is no question needed to be asked when it comes to sales offering at any time on any big holiday. The holiday season is the time when all markets are booming with countless discounts, promotions, gift cards and give-away presents. However, all this competitiveness could be a difficulty for you. But then again it is a pretty popular problem. What you should do is to put a certain discount, either for Christmas or Thanksgiving, on the products which have been there for a long time. It wouldn’t be the best choice to put a discount on your prime products and sacrifice profits when confronted with a bigger sales figure. In the end, this is also the holiday season for you and of course, you would want to make it a good business. However, it’s essential to be aware that not all stores have to go big on discounts or have what it takes to afford huge discounts.  

4. Impressive Promotions: Buy 1 – Get 1, Checkout reward, Lower Shipping Fee or Free Shipping

So, to be specific, what are some of the best ways to draw your customer’s attention? Impressive promotions of course. Here are several useful tips you can apply.

  • Perhaps the most popular type of offer that you often see on most websites is: “Buy one – get one!”. What is best recommended is for you to offer the similar kind of products which the customer is buying in several quantities. That way, the value of the product, along with the profits and your marketing strategy, is considered as fair. You can also try this for products whose lower prices which people usually buy in big numbers, namely candies or accessories. It’s also a good idea to choose the same product or a different one that goes with the purchased product.
  • The checkout bonus is pretty fascinating. The way it works is that the customer will be qualified to receive the bonus if he or she reaches the a particular amount in the checkout to be accepted. For example, if you set the starting limit at 150$, the customer will get a 15$ discount. It’s a piece of cake to get a coupon for this which will automatically be added to the checkout when it meets your offer validity. This attracts and encourages the customer to buy more from your store so as to get the discount that they really want.
  • Offering a flat shipping rate for your market is perhaps the next best thing you should do. Regardless how much discount or other incentives you offer with a product, a customer is certain to be hesitant with shipping charges. By providing a flat rate, you will give your customers some comfort. Or if you can, try to cover the entire shipping cost for checkout for around 10$, making your customers very happy for sure. But it is important to remember that some products need special shipping because of their features or price range so you should put them off the list of products with low or free shipping offer.

5. Attach small presents to your shipping

It would be a great idea if you could add a small gift with your shipping. Imagine how surprised and satisfied your customers would be if they open the box to see something extra? For example, a lovely coaster to go with the cups they ordered, or a cute pair of socks together with the awesome pair of shoes they bought? Or simply a card written by you would never disappoint. The secret is to keep things simple. You should also make it a routine to give compliments and spread out the personal touch. Additionally, it is suggested that you should decorate the packages to make your delivery more stunning as a gift. Beautiful wrapping will surely help you gain a good impression from potential customers. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to feel special every once in a while?

6. Plan to promote and advertise on social media

In this recent decade, social media has been playing its magnificent and powerful role as a marketing weapon for most brands, hence, it would be a wise choice to plan your marketing plans on social media early for this holiday season. Social media is now considered as a key tool to form a habit for your customers to visit your social media pages to keep themselves informed with the latest news and promotions. To name a few, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest or Youtube. There’s actually a trending method that many brands are applying which is running sponsored ads. This approach is claimed and proven to be highly effective on a big scale. So I suggest you could try and see how it works out. 

7. Send a personal email sharing your own story or experience.

Email marketing is one of the best tools but more often than not, people seem to assume your emails as spams and quickly move them into the bin. Especially during holiday season, it’s unlikely for your customers to check emails which look like marketing missiles. If you send too many emails, you are probably disturbing your customer and also putting your market into jeopardy. So, is there a way to promote your market and be delicate at the same time? Absolutely yes. It’s all about strategies. Instead of sending emails filled with sales and promotions, you can compose a personal email sharing your own story or experience about a certain product. It will leave a personal and human touch that will help you get your customers’ attention, sympathy and interests. That way, you can surely kill 2 birds with 1 stone.  

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Finally, we hope this article could be helpful to you in some way and good luck preparing your store before this holiday season!