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SEO trends are extremely effective and essential as a reference to boost ranks for your website, but surprisingly, their latest related keyword “2023 SEO trends” only appear with a volume of 170 searches on Google, according to Uber Suggest.

We are living in a world where everything can be found within half of a second with search engines. As technology is a crazily fast field and the number of uploaded information is continuously growing (Studies show that Google performs 2 million searches each minute and 72 hours worth of video is uploaded to YouTube within the space of 60 seconds), Google has to improve its own algorithms and organisation to bring the best results to users, which leads to a fierce competition among websites, all struggling to get highest ranks on those alike search engines. 

Having clicked on this link, you must be a very curious and competitive website owner with this desire to get your web always up-to-date. 

Without further ado, let’s hop right into 2023 SEO trends that you probably cannot miss.

1. Voice search is predicted to take over 

We are approaching an era where text searches tend to be taken over by voice search. It is becoming one of the trending phrase with an unexpected rise in use. Why does this 2023 SEO trend pop up ?

Believe it or not, tech giants day by day advance their smart supporting technics and make more accurate human voice recognition. Many smartphones and tablets are now equipped with smart speaker feature. 


According to researches:

1. By 2020, 50% of internet searches will be carried via voice search.

2.The global market for voice search devices grew 187% in the Q2 of 2018.2.

3. 72% of people who own voice-activated speakers say that their devices are used as part of their daily routines, per Google.

4. 71 % of users would rather use voice searches to conduct a query than the traditional method of typing (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2018).

An explanation for this lies at the convenience for everyone. Smartphones with small user interface and keyboards make it difficult for people to be correct in typing. That’s where this SEO trend takes place, users now tend to use voice search for rapidness and accuracy.

But why do you have to be aware of this ? How does it affect your SEO strategy?

Unlike text search, voice search users can fully express their search without using choppy keywords for convenience. This requires your keyword choice and content should be suitable to conversational speech. As the way we pose a query is different, voice-activated search algorithms must be updated in order to generate more organic traffic and ensure the ranking of your website.

2. BERT algorithm – Write more user-focused content, not just normally depending on strings that are often searched.

BERT is recently released by Google and become a 2023 SEO trend with the aim to provide searchers with more relevant and accurate answers to their queries. Instead of string matching, BERT chooses intent matching, which gives out more accurate results but also greatly affect featured snippets as well as organic rankings. 

Therefore, more than an algorithmic update, it can cause a considerable decrease in marketing efficiency if business owners and marketing professions are not up-to-date. The more accurate the search engine is, the more time and effort it takes to produce an efficient content. Google gradually becomes the playground only for very passionate leaders.

3. Valuable contents will win


With the aforementioned updated BERT algorithm, we must soon realise that this competition is getting fiercer than ever as only true value can stand still. 

This is no longer the period when you target to place keywords all over your content. Make a topic-related writing, in which contains as detailed as possible everything that you think users usually search for will create a long-term benefit, especially regarding long-tail searches. Moreover, believe it or not, Google and this SEO trend is fair but beneficial. If your website has the best content, you stand very high chance to rank first. 

The strategy is a long and determined process, so what all business needs is to invest in hiring a real professional writer. To be judged as reliable and useful website,iterated quality contents is a must.

4.UX and Technical SEO should be focused


UX stands for customer experience and technical SEO refers to all configurations that can be implemented to the website and server such as page elements, HTTP header responses, XML Sitemaps,etc..

It is understandable why UX and Technical SEO focus is on the list of 2023 SEO trends. These days, business owners are offered many chances to create their own website with such amazing platforms like Wix, Weebly, Webnode and several extensions provided by reliable developers. Each and every serious business owner has to carefully take care of the web, continuously ensuring that everything works fine with no dead links, creating stunning design and adding many further extensions to improve customer experiences. All those being concentrated to bring the best experience to users. A slow loading websites can cause 75% of  shopping abandonment and customer loyalty can be decreased by 50%.

To explain, let’s picture this: You have a great website with beautiful look and killer contents awaiting thousands of viewers. However, it takes longer than your competitor’s website to load, the user gets impatient and leave your site. Think about it. You have no chance to get that outstanding impression if they abandon before landing into your website. Furthermore, slow loading speed is tagged with “slow warning badges” from Google and is automatically ranked at lower position. 

The same picture can be imagined with careless technical SEO. Without a safe link, say, your web stands a high chance of being attacked by hackers and as for users, do they feel secure enough not to drop?

5.Mobile – first indexing


Looking around you, it’s not a surprise that mobile is now taken into privilege when building a website, right ? The increase in mobile users while shopping makes this factor a 2023 SEO trend.

During the period between 2016 and 2017, study showed that online shopping via mobile phone increased from 8% to 15%, while shopping via computers witnessed a significant drop from 78% to 63%.  

That’s why mobile-first indexing is still included in the 2023 SEO trend list. 

6. Focus on brand building as well


Building link is a confusing process and it’s an beneficial part of building your online business. Because of that, it is not considered as one of 2023 SEO trends only, but a must to any online business.Brand building is suddenly forgotten, although it can greatly decide whether a new customer choose to buy your product or not and whether they should return for further shopping.

Today, a lot of business depends too much on paid advertising with a simple thought that the higher chance of being seen by people, the more they can sell their products. Here we don’t deny the true values that paid ads bring to your business, but a much more effective way that may be forgotten is to build your brand through organic social. Writing special contents for holidays, building quality link profiles or handling linkless brand mentions should be paid attention to. 

From here, brand awareness can be built through publicly showing care of your customers. It is super persuasive to those who are taking notice of your promotions. Setting up a plan to appear on places where your competitors are recommended is also a good idea.

7.Rich and featured snippet for higher click-through rate – Why not?


A featured snippet is a block where the clearest answer to your question appears. This block is usually pulled from the content of top 10 results in SERPs. 

Featured snippets make your link more outstanding. A research of Ahrefs show that 8.6% of all clicks comes from featured snippet. 

So how do you apply this 2023 SEO trend ? There are three tips for you.

First thing to notice is the text length. A featured snippet should only contain 40-60 words, so try to be as succinct but still detailed as possible. If Google thinks that your content is clear and informative enough, the chance is yours.

Secondly, try to include keywords in your title tags and headers. This shows that your content is very relevant to your topic. 

Thirdly, Google is more likely to choose your content to be the featured snippet if it contains reviews and ratings, photos, anchors, breadcrumbs,…

8.Take advantage of powerful applications of AI


People usually mistake that the eCommerce just only appeared a decade ago when a large number of online stores and marketplaces pop up. The fact is eCommerce has been existing for 40 years with the beginning of teleshopping and electronic data exchange in some cities. Later on, it evolved with increased sophistication, advanced features and became intertwined with the evolution of internet technology. 

The support of new technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), voice search and chatbots made customer service and product browsing easier than ever. However, regarding changes made to eCommerce, nothing can dominate the seismic shift of AI. Thanks to its support, eCommerce experienced several advanced movements:


We have informed you the most updated and popular 2023 SEO trends. We hope that this amount of knowledge has well satisfied you and will be applied to embrace your amazing business web. 

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