8 Must Do Things For Upcoming Marketplace Owners

marketplace owner tips

1. Marketplace Features

When you start a new business, you will need to identify features you need to add some tool that allow you to complete the task fast and smooth. Moreover, you should consider whether this features/ extension can be extended in the future or satisfied your demands or not. LandOfCoder Multivendor Marketplace is extremely rick in core feature and comes with tons of amazing plugin for your demands

2. Target customers

Successful marketplace will require you satisfy a different kind of customers in various aspects such as: shipping, payment options, languages, currencies and store support. Hence, it is very important to know exactly how is your targeted customers.


3. Enlist Sellers

Right after knowing who is your potential customers, you must to know what your marketplace will sell and who you will allow to sell on your marketplace. For that purpose, you can enlist seller who meet your demands. Moreover, keep and attract vendors to add and sell product on your market. Create unlimited plans for sellers according to your demands

new seller for marketplace
4. Marketplace Design

No matter how much complex it is. Your marketplace must look smart and work smart. The design should be product oriented and intuitive enough to bring customers enjoying shopping experiences on your site. Please note that do not overdo the design, keep it simple and powerful.

LandOfCoder Multivendor Marketplace comes with ton of well designed themes for your marketplace. Let’s check it here:

5. Commission Rate

Commission rates should be decided and published to sellers. Make it wisely to get your most revenues. Landofcoder magento 2 marketplace extension allow you to create packages with different commission rates. And you can also set different commission rates for vendors.marketplace commission rate

6. Market Term & Conditions

It is necessary to set term and common rules for you marketplace. Moreover, please check and note your own country law if it is required.

There are some key terms you must have in your marketplace. For example:

– A provision regarding your role in the interactions between your users;
– Account registration;
– Payment;
– Dispute resolution;
– Intellectual property;
– Disclaimers;
– Limitation of liability; and
– Indemnity

Marrketplace Terms & Conditions

7. Shipping Methods and Taxes

Depending customer’s location, it is necessary for you to choose the most cost effective and safe way for your customers. Landofcoder Magento 2 multivendor marketplace bring you the complete solution for shipping and handling international taxes.

8. Payment Gateways

You may aware that marketplaces have faced challenge of paying to hundreds or even thousands of sellers at the same time.
Also, it is difficult for the owner to build an entire ecosystem for paying and managing things effectively especially securing the payment system, integrating multiple gateways, paying commission, and also maintaining payments to different bank accounts.