Magento Store Manager – Save time and efforts on managing store

magento store manager

Do you have any problem with manage products, categories, orders, inventory in magento 2 stores? Do you think Magento 2 back-end is running slow and take time? Or you found that the interface is not user-friendly enough.

Currently, we have an idea to create Magento store manager software as a solution for that. In the creation process, we need ideas and feedback from you. Hence, we make a survey form. It is kind of you to give us your suggestions and feedback.
The software will help you manage: Products, Catagory, Orders, Customers, CMS Page, Report, Store Configuration, product attributes, import/export products in the blink of an eye.

If you can help us fulfill the form, give us your ideas, you will get a trial version for free. In other words, after releasing the first beta version, we will let you experience the first version. It will be totally free for you.
For a stable version, we will give you 45% discount as a thank you gift for your contribution. It is kind of you to give us your suggestions and feedback.

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