Magento Product Configurator: A necessity for Your Print Business


Are you losing valuable sales? Are there no customization options for your customers? Or perhaps you are facing problems with your product descriptions and sales. If you are a Magento store owner running an online print business, you must know that this is the age of personalized products. So, you need a Magento product designer tool that can improve sales, and empower customers.

Magento product configurator changes the way a customer would buy a product from your online store. Magento product configurator offers a true-to-life preview of custom product lines.

When you’ll offer your customers to create their own design and buy afterward, they will be more satisfied with your print services. You can achieve this customer satisfaction by incorporating a configuration tool in your print store.

1. What is a Product Configurator?

Magento Product Configurator

A product configurator is designed software that can be integrated into a web-to-print store for online product customization. It allows the customers to personalize the components and features of a product according to their design requirements. Many e-commerce platforms like Magento and Shopify have their own product configurators that match each platform’s design needs.

2. What Exactly Does a Magento Product Configurator Do?

Magento 2 product configurator allows customers to create personalized products directly on an online store. It gives them opportunities to choose various clip arts, font styles, images, colors, etc. 

Magento product configurator increases the consumers’ interaction with the products. They can view the products at 360-degree angles. Besides zooming and rotating the view, they can choose the material, elements, etc. In other words, they can do everything that they would in real life.

3. How Can Magento Product Configurator Benefit Your Business?

A product configurator tool as it allows you to provide a complete Magento web-to-print solution to your customers. It will simplify the design and ordering process for you as well as your customers. All in all, it provides more benefits than you can think. We have mentioned some of them here:

3.1 Increases Lead Conversion

Increases Lead Conversion

According to research, 83% of customers decide to purchase after viewing the product visuals. A Magento product configurator increases product visualization by showing high photorealistic 3D images to customers. 

It enhances customers’ confidence as they perceive the products to be of high quality. The product configurators help them in making informed purchase decisions. Customers are usually more attached to their creations, and they are willing to pay 20% more for their customized products. This will lead to an increase in the conversion rates for your business.

3.2 Increased Profits

If you offer fully customized options for products in your catalog, it will increase customer engagement and eliminate cart abandonment. More customers would want to stay on your website and explore products. 

You can also specify a price for the custom products in the Magento product configurator extension. So, when a customer changes the design, the new cost is calculated according to further customizations. It will definitely earn your store more profits. 

3.3 Personalized Experience

The product configurator for your web-to-print Magento store will make your customers as if they are part of your design team. It will ensure that your customers are thoroughly enjoying the customizing process from start to finish based on their needs. 

The configurator will provide them with easy design tasks to change the style, colors, and finish for a personalized experience.

3.4 Increases Store Value

Word of mouth matters for every business. When their needs are taken care of through the product configurator, it will increase your store’s value in their eyes. In turn, they will also recommend your business to their family and friends. 

The configurator can also provide the correct lead time based on stock availability and production schedule. This will build trust between your customers and brand. 

3.5 Stand out from the Crowd

The E-commerce market is very saturated. But offering customization services will entice the customers to come back again and again. The Magento product configurator will help your store stand out from the crowd by improving its online visibility and SEO ranking. It also showcases your professionalism and customer-first business model.

3.6 Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction goes beyond only providing products. They are more likely to turn away from mass production because it doesn’t give them the buying satisfaction as personalized products will. 

With the product configurator tool, they’ll be able to pour out their emotions, lifestyle, and sense of fashion in their custom designs. This will increase customer satisfaction because usually, customers are very attached to their creations.

3.7 Enlarge your Target Audience

You need to take your demographic research seriously to increase your store’s outreach. The Magento product configurator tool will help you identify the latest design and material trends that sell well. It will provide the data history of customers’ preferences. This will increase your targeted marketing and store outreach to a large audience.

4. How to Successfully Implement Magento Configurator in Your Store?

As you’ve read the benefits of the Magento product configurator, now’s the time to implement them on your web-to-print store. Here’s how you can choose the best product configurator:

4.1 Simple Process of Configuring

Choose a product configurator that allows customers to build their own version of products and customize its features and components. The tasks should be simple but unique.

4.2 High-Quality Product Visuals

High-Quality Product Visuals

Customers should be able to preview their design live and in actual size. A suitable configurator will provide a 360-degree realistic view of the product where consumers can interact with it by zooming or rotating it.

4.3 Allow Users to Save Configuration

What’s the use of customization if all the changes in the product design cannot be saved. But a good product configurator will permanently save a file for each customization made by a customer. So, in the future, if the customer wants the exact design, you can print it from the ready-made file.

4.4 Detailed Information to Ease the Buying Process

A suitable product configurator always displays the configuration steps so customers can track their current position. Due to detailed information, they will be able to navigate through all the processes efficiently and be sure of their final choice.


If you are running an E-commerce print business, offering personalized products to your customers will likely increase your conversion rate and profit margins. People are emotionally attached to their own designs. According to Forbes, the product configurator can reduce the online return rate of customers by 80%. It will also make their purchasing process filled with fun and adventure.

If you are looking for such a tool, you can hire a Magento Developer for a price depending on your requirements. Or another suggestion you can refer to is Design’N’Buy. They offer an advanced online web2print designer to integrate into your web-to-print store if you need such a tool. It will improve your sales, create a unique customer experience, and increase your brand’s reach globally. Customers will have the opportunity to choose and create their own designs, colors, and materials.