A Magento Comprehensive Guide To Building Your E-commerce Empire In 2024

Magento Comprehensive Guide

Statistics suggest that over 239,000 live websites are currently powered by Magento which is why it is considered as one of the top eCommerce platforms. But, is it the right fit for your eCommerce store and will it help grow your online store? To help you find the answer, we have created this Magento comprehensive guide that dives into the eCommerce platform in detail.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump right into it and learn how Magento can help you offer a seamless shopping experience to users. 

I. What Is The Magento Platform All About?

Although getting started with Magento is easy, a lot of people look for eCommerce development services to better help them. The open-source eCommerce platform helps users easily design online stores and provides a wide range of tools to make it easier.

You can also find tools that can help business owners sell, manage, and market their products quite easily. For further help, read this Magento Comprehensive Guide that covers all important aspects. But, before we discuss Magento’s importance and break down the steps for Magento hosting, let us look at an overview of the platform.

Magento was released by Varien in 2007 and quickly became popular which led to Adobe acquiring the platform in 2018. Currently, Magento is a part of the Adobe Experience Cloud and allows business owners to add tens of thousands of products to their catalog. With Magento, it is easier for businesses to scale and reach the global market. The Magento software is based on the PHP language and utilizes frameworks like Laminas and Symfony.

Since we have an overview of the Magento platform, our Magento Comprehensive Guide will now discuss how Magento can benefit you as a business owner.

II. Why Use Magento For E-commerce?

Every business needs an eCommerce platform that they can rely on even as their business grows. Although several platforms promise better features and improved designs, Magento offers customized tools for better business solutions. The software is also an excellent option for merchants who need flexible models to store changes and build an intuitive interface. Although the platform has been around for more than a decade, Magento 2 was released in 2015 with major upgrades.

Some features of Magento 2 that are quite impressive and can help business owners are:-

  • Better content management
  • Tools for B2C & B2B commerce
  • Intelligent business solutions
  • Easier order and inventory management
  • Regular promotions, discounts, and coupons
  • Better and more responsive themes
  • Seamless coordination with global currencies
  • Increased tax support for businesses

To make it easier for you, our Magento Comprehensive Guide lists the top benefits in tabular form below:

Top BenefitsMeaning
Open-SourceSource code is easily modifiable and users can add more plugins for customized solutions
ScalableSupports new regions and allows businesses to create multiple online storesWide range of built-in languages and global currenciesBetter support for global payments and shipping
User-FriendlyBetter navigation between the website and admin panelsAdded control over complete store functionality via admin dashboard
SEOBuilt-in and advanced SEO features for better reach
Third-Party ExtensionsEasier creation of customized stores to better fulfill customer demandsWide variety of third-party plugins
Multichannel ApproachAllows businesses to enable sales via mobile devicesCan easily add social media and IoT channels

Some other advanced technologies available for your help in Magento are:-

  • Amazon sales channel;
  • B2B Commerce;
  • PWA Studio;
  • Headless Commerce;
  • Mobile Commerce;
  • ERP Function.

Our Magento Comprehensive Guide discusses the different benefits of the platform to help you understand how you can build more creative and engaging stores for better conversions. The next section discusses how you can host your own Magento store and bring in more customers.

III. How Is Magento Hosting Done?

You can easily host your online store to launch your business via Magento. Before we jump into how you can host your Magento store in our Magento comprehensive guide, we recommend choosing an edition that you prefer. When you choose Magento, the hosting provider leases your online store’s server and allows storing files and other web applications. You can also get in touch with companies offering eCommerce development and management services for better server-side workload delegation.

The main tasks of Magento hosting are detailed in our Magento Comprehensive Guide below:-

  • Setting up the server for your online store;
  • Better management of Magento migration;
  • Continuous monitoring of the Magento system;
  • Server updates and security patches;
  • Better server security;
  • Easier performance optimization;
  • Scaling server resources as per business needs;
  • Backup management and latest tech stack usage;
  • 24/7 customer support for solving technical issues and doubts.

When you get in touch with experienced Magento developers, all of these responsibilities are handled by them taking the burden off your shoulders. We recommend getting in touch with a reliable hosting service provider for better performance, added security, and expert support.

IV. What Are The Magento Editions Available?

Before we end our Magento comprehensive guide, let us discuss the different Magento plans available. Both of these options provide a wide range of features and allow businesses to enjoy better eCommerce development and management services. Both of these Magento editions and their features are explained in detail below:

4.1. Magento Open-Source Edition

The open-source edition of Magento, previously known as the Community Edition, is free and available to all users for download and installation. The version has extensive features and functions that help develop high-quality, customizable eCommerce stores as per business needs.

You will also find third-party modules that help add features like optimized mobile shopping, global sales, site search, and instant purchases. Moreover, as Magento’s community and set of tools, extensions, and apps keep increasing, you can create stores with better customization and features.

4.2. Magento Commerce Edition

Magento’s commerce edition is the platform’s licensed and paid version that is mostly used by large eCommerce stores. The version offers intelligent business solutions to handle increased customer traffic without much issue.

Other than offering the benefits of the open-source version, the Commerce edition offers several additional features to help handle the growth of businesses with time. This Magento edition pricing starts from USD 22,000 per year, while the Magento Commerce Cloud version is available at just USD 40,000 per year.

Some features of the cloud-hosted solution are:-

  • Cloud commerce optimization
  • Availability of global services
  • Better website page loading
  • Convenient tools for better performance monitoring
  • Seamless updates and testing
  • Availability of cloud services with a guarantee of up to 99.9%
  • Compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) policies
  • Easier deployment of online stores

V. Conclusion

A lot of retailers use Magento to host their online stores and expand their business operations. After all, the additional features that come with every version can help you create better and more unique experiences for your customers. However, developing your eCommerce store via Magento might not be easy if you’re a tech beginner or don’t have any practical experience. 

To make things easier and more seamless, you can get in touch with a company offering eCommerce development services. After all, professionals can help you transform your brand vision into reality in no time. We hope our Magento comprehensive guide covered the basics and helped you get an idea of the platform’s features and benefits.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire Magento developers with years of experience to handle all the technicalities and better build your online store today!

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