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Your eCommerce store can unpredictably rise sales by providing helpful and relevant product recommendations which relate to the Upsells and Cross-sells Extensions. This article will show you some benefits of these types and recommend to you some reputable brands to cover this problem.

I. Overview

Upsell and cross-sell

In brief, both Upsell and Cross-sell Extensions offer the same type of products at an increased price.  More details, The above two types make promote your store so that accessing to many customers and upgrade your abilities to sell your products. This is an upgrade edition, with more features, bigger, and varieties customized versions of the product. Let’s make a simple example of an upsell from takeaway restaurants is “Would you like to upgrade to a larger size?”

Whereas, when you provide more additional product recommendations which can complement the original purchase, you need to offer a cross-sell. That is the reason why upsells concern with different versions of the same product.

Invariably upselling and cross-selling to new and old customers can enhance your revenue double times, depending on your business.

II. Definition of Upsell and Cross-sell Extensions

2.1. Upsell


Upselling is one of the best sales strategies when a customer is suggested and encouraged to buy anything which can make their shopping experience better. It seems like an expansion to an existing order. The Seller often uses this method to promote their campaigns to generate more sales.

The way to sell also brings lots of value to customers because they can receive better products with pay more a little budget. It’s a win-win tactic. No doubt anymore, smart marketers will never suggest buying the last items if their customer is looking for cheap items. It does make nonsense. By the way, the seller can suggest a good idea to offer whatever items that’s 10-15% more expensive but brings a better benefit for instance.

Not only at the direct sell, but also the upselling is everywhere, especially on the Internet. Shopping online is not strange anymore, you must have seen some comparison charts or some brands on online products websites. They illustrate the same products that you are seeking but suggest better quality ones. Sometimes, you can also be offered higher-end items during the payment process.

As you know, upselling is an effective method for sellers that bring benefits for two objects: both merchants and customers. The previous one can expand their AOV (average order value), whilst the final person finds better products.

2.2. Cross-sell


Besides, cross-selling is another great method to promote customers to buy more and more. To practice cross-sell to your store, the first thing to do is that bring varieties products to the customer, which may complement their needs. For example, your store is purchasing a bed. The related products will be pillows or blankets. In fact situations, marketers always make a suggestion to those products that a customer would be interested in anyway. Marketers just make it show at the right time and place. 

As mentioned above, cross-selling is popular everywhere and every time, especially in this eCommerce. You can easily find complementary items on the product pages, in the shopping cart, or during the payment process. In these cases, you can also send an email with lists of additional products that would perfectly fit customers’ orders.  

Both upsell and cross-sell strategies are highly effective and suitable to generate repeat purchases, retain existing customers and increase profits. Now let’s take a glance at the detailed benefits between them.

2.3. Benefits of the upsell and Cross- sell Extensions for Owners

upsell vs cross-sell

As mentioned in the former part, while upselling and cross-selling seem similar. Actually, it is significant to understand that there is a massive difference between them. Upselling is when you try to bring the customer around purchasing another upgrade version of their intended choice whereas cross-selling concentrates on recommending a complementary product. Both two methods are the core components of a customer-focused B2B sales strategy. The best one is to find a way to combine the upsell & cross-sell.

Some benefits of cross-selling and upselling which suitable for B2B companies include:

  • Enhances long term value of association
  • Broadens choice of product and services
  • Offers convenience and flexibility
  • Builds customer equity
  • Balances growth between new and existing customers
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Lowers price or improves ROI of services/products
  • Improves customer service
  • Promotes innovation
  • Enhances customer profits
  • Discourages churn and improves customer loyalty and experience

2.4. Benefits of the Upsell and Cross- sell Extensions for Customers

upsell vs cross-sell

Upselling is beneficial for businesses, especially for online stores, but how exactly necessary? Below are some reasons that both you and your customers want upselling and cross-selling:

  • The Upsell and Cross-sell Extensions will help store owners construct deeper relationships with customers.
  • The Upsell and Cross-sell Extensions will easier to upsell any products to current customers than to obtain new ones.
  • The Upsell and Cross-sell Extensions enable customers to make use of a complete solution and enhance retention.
  • The Upsell and Cross-sell Extensions provide convenience and flexibility for customers
  • Increase in Return on Investment (ROI)

III. Top 6 Magento 2 Upsell and Cross-sell Extensions



Main features


Detail links

landofcoder logo


Magento 2 product recommendations step

How to propose to customers purchase items that are suitable for their necessaries without making them annoyed? This product: Magento 2 product recommendations step can be fit to your solution.

The extension permisses store admins to make the questions and answers with some customer-oriented options after that gradually recommend to customers to buy the best-fit item. Using the filter options, customers can catch suggested products rapidly. 

Highlight features:

  • Use ajax submit filter options & get products to display

  • Display filter form on frontend by block & widget

  • Quickly show recommended products

  • [New] Recommend categorya item as a result

  • Create multiple questions & answers on the backend

  • [New] Input product SKU or category id

  • Flexibly edit a specific combine rule

  • Manage & sort out questions with ease

  • Import & export recommendation rules via CSV

  • Manage combine rules in grid

  • Ready to use REST API

  • Enable/ disable recommendation in settings


webkul logo


Who bought this also bought for Magento 2

The users can promote the sales of your website by displaying specific recommendations to the customers. When customers buy a product, the extension displays some product suggestions in the form of 'customers who bought this also bought.

Highlight Features

  • Customize the product suggestion process according to your marketing strategies.

  • Display random product from the same category in the absence of information.

  • Enable/ Disable the features of the extension from the website.

  • Choose the layout of the product suggestion block.

  • Add or remove the ‘Add to cart button.


Ulmod logo


Magento 2 who bought this also bought extension

This product provides many extra features which help Magento online store owners raise their profits as well as improve shoppers’ satisfaction.

Highlight Features:

  • Automatically displays related products based on customers’ purchase history

  • Appears on the Product Page, Category Page and Cart Page

  • Easy to customize the layout

  • Displays other information with suggested products

  • 100% Open Source & Customizable

  • Compatible with Mageplaza GDPR - Helps stores comply GDPR

  • REST API, GraphQL is ready

  • Product recommendations: Auto Related Products, Frequently Bought Together



Boost sales

Boost Sales permisses you to showcase product star rates from old buyers on your product pop-ups, leveraging social evidence to promote your potential customers to buy without a doubt. These updates for pop-ups are dedicated to upsell, cross-sell, fast view, more and more, by adding social proof to your product recommendations, you can boost your conversion rate as well as order value.

Boost Sales helps to suggest the most relevant products based on the behavior of customers and activities of shopping to enhance your average order value. You can make a high-performing product recommendation by using social evidence to upgrade the buyer's trust, increase conversion, and ultimately, revenue for your store.

Highlight Features:

  • Create applealing bundle discounts

  • Beautifully responsive on all devices

  • Pre-designed holiday themes

  • Pre-designed holiday themes

  • Detailed performance report



Who viewed this also viewed for Magento 2

Magento 2 Who Viewed This Also Viewed extension by Mageplaza permisses recommending a group of related products which are viewed by other customers in a period of time to the current viewer. Magento 2 Who Viewed This Also Viewed extension has a good work tool for online stores to introduce cross-sell or up-sell products, and promote up sales essentially.

Highlight Features:

  • Various product types and Categories

  • Show in various positions

  • Slider or Grid display

  • Filter View

  • Add to Cart/Wishlist/Compare also-viewed products

  • Set time by day(s) to collect results

  • Looking for REST API, GraphQL



Cross-Sell / Upsell Products for Magento 2

Magento 2 does not have an effective way to link products out of the box. If your store has lots of products, you’ll need to do a lot of manual work to connect them together.

The cross-sell/upsell of the Automatic Related Products extension will automate the task. It will automatically link to cross-sell and upsell products with the main product.

Highlight Features:

  • Increase the average quantity of order

  • Sell more high-margin products

  • Fully automate the process of linking cross-sell/upsell products

  • Use AI suggestions for better results

  • Track numbers with powerful analytics


IV. Last Words

The list above summarises the basic definition of Upsell and Cross-sell Extensions in Marketing, especially these days when the Internet world is more and more developed. The owner’s online stores need to use some above tools to optimize their business, upsell and cross-sell will be perfect tools, which help your store be more optimized as well as be more developed.

As I analyzed, the top of Magento 2 Upsell and Cross-sell Extensions products which recommended above will be the best way to improve stores. Besides, I would like to suggest Magento 2 Product Recommendations Step is one of the best choices to optimize your store. It will significantly help owners in selecting a suitable product, even if they have no prior expertise or specialist knowledge.

Feel free to leave a comment or contact us: Landofcoder.com if you have any questions or add other products concern Magento 2 Upsell and Cross-sell Extensions to this board.

Thanks for your support!

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