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Use popup in magento 2 and boost sale

What are Magento 2 Popup extensions?

These are the extensions that help promote the service or product with the help of a popup window. Whenever the visitor lands on a website, these popups are something that follows the visitor and gets activated as per the behavior of the visitor. It is implanted on the site to increase sales.

The Magento 2 Popup extensions are well-suited for an e-commerce website. So, if you own an e-commerce site, and want to showcase some of your best products to customers for increasing sales, these Popup extensions would help you in this approach. The extensions pop up on the screen at the right time, facilitating the visitor to take the desired action by the store owner.

The extensions could be placed wherever you like in the store. You just have to analyze the right placement to grab as many eyeballs. The other crucial feature of the extension is that it can be customized based on the size, color, other look and feel features.

There are other features of Popup extensions such as:

  • You can decide the number of shows that each popup can have and for every customer
  • You can develop the title for the popup
  • You can also plan the order in which the popups have to be displayed
  • Set the duration time of the popup

The popular Magento 2 Popup extensions used in the website are:

1. Exit-intent Popup 

So, what is an exit-intent Popup?

An exit-intent popup emerges when the visitor is about to leave the website. The popup is perfectly designed to meet the requirements of the store owner. The goal is to reduce the number of cart abandonment, and increase the number of sales. It aims to convince the visitor not to abandon the cart with the perfect message, such as confirming, ’Are you sure,’ ‘Why you want to waste this opportunity?’ and other motivational messages to make the visitor stay on the website and complete the purchase.

Check the below example of Magento exit intent Popup:

Exit-intent Popup

Here as you can see, the exit intent popup message,’ going so soon,’ appears when the customer is on the verge of leaving the website without completing the purchase. The message hits the right chord with the customer. Any exit intent popup message should be designed to hold onto the customer, and here the Magento exit intent popup rightly appears when the customer suddenly decides to leave the cart. The whole process revolves around changing the mind of the customer and bringing him back to complete the purchase.

There are specific procedures to insert the exit intent Popup:

specific procedures to insert the exit intent Popup

The above image shows how you have to follow these steps to configure the exit intent popup.

2. Magento 2 Popup widget extension

Magento 2 Popup widget extension

This widget extension is often used as it is reliable and provides the right solution for the challenges, such as attracting the customer’s attention whenever he visits your store. It could be that he is visiting for the first time, or about to leave after briefly checking the store.  The extension also helps to develop the right popup message.

How is the widget extension utilized?

You must know that on any website, the placement and positioning of the content, images, play a huge role in holding the attention of the visitor. The same goes for the popup’s placement. The Magento widget extension helps place the message wherever you like, such as in the cart display, home page, or others. 

The widget extension helps in the behavioral targeting of the customer. The major benefit you can get via widget extension is that you can create customized messages as per the needs of every customer. The segmentation can be executed based not only on the behavior but also on the location, the products chosen by the customer, devices used for shopping, seasonal shopping, etc. 

The various types of widget extensions that get the right support from Magento 2:

  • Catalog products list
  • Catalog category link
  • Orders and returns
  • Compared products

3. Newsletter Popup extension

You would have seen many newsletter popup extensions. The newsletter Magento Popup extensions have the role to increase revenue by motivating every new visitor to subscribe for the newsletter. Newsletter increases brand awareness, and also motivates the customer to be loyal to the brand. 

The newsletter popup extensions help the owner to track the conversions, impressions, revenue with the help of A/B tests. You can even use a total of 20 built-in themes that facilitates the right engagement with the customer. 

4. Advanced Newsletter Popup

The advanced newsletter popup extension helps display the popup just on the store. This popup can be easily customized with the right message, title, button text. There is a facility where the store owner can include the social links on the popup with the right icon. 

The below image is a fine example of an advanced newsletter popup:

5. Popup manager

The Popup Manager is one of the enticing popups that helps you in the right display of your products and services to visitors. In this popup, you can use animations. Further, as a store owner, you can track the functions in a systematic manner to improve the process. 

The popup has many useful features such as it has the ability to track the popup indicators, display the popups on desired pages, etc.

Some of the other widely used Magento 2 Popup extensions are

1. M2 Pop-up by Landofcoder

The M2 Pop up facilitates the store owner for creating targeted popups with quality content. The crucial features of this Popup are:

  • Supporting the REST API for the blog post
  • Supporting the popup for the subscription form
  • Assisting the store owners to keep track of the data log 
  • Is highly responsive to be used with all the devices
  • Supporting the verification form in the popup
  • Supporting the lifetime custom cookie
  • Supporting the contact form
  • Comprising with different popup triggering rules
  • Getting the updates of the new template during every release

This Magento 2 popup extension is popular among both B2B and B2C businesses. It goes well with the follow-up email, blog extension, form builder, and others. 

The pricing of the M2 Popup extension is $89, reasonable pricing as per the market standards.

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2. The one-step checkout by Amasty

This Magento 2 extension is a user-friendly extension that accelerates the entire shopping process. The major features of this extension are:

  • Enabling customers to have edit options during checkout
  • Displaying the time and date of delivery
  • 2 mobile optimized themes 
  • Supporting the popular payment options

The pricing of the one-step check out Magento 2 popup extension is $299, a competitive price in the market. 

3. Free gift by Amasty

The free gift Magento 2 popup extension pops up to show the special gifts and offers to customers. The unique thing about this popup is that it informs visitors to grab the gifts and offers from the displayed items. 

The features of this popup are:

  • It works along with the coupon codes
  • It is capable of adding both free products and products not available for free
  • It has banners with the right information on the product pages.
  • There are 4 types of support for products

The pricing of the Free gift popup extension is $229.


The Magento Popup Extensions are not just any of the popups; it is a perfect tool for an e-commerce organization to showcase the product or service to a broader customer group. You should capitalize on this tool as the best way to increase sales and revenue for your organization. The above blog lists some of the interesting Magento Popup extensions that could exponentially boost your sales and help you reach the target at the right time.

Consider one crucial thing while using these popups; do not overuse it as it would frustrate the visitor. The optimal use of popups is the right tactic to achieve the best business results.

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