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Magento 2 one step checkout extension

Checkout is the final step when customers purchasing a product on your e-commerce store. Many business men ignore this step and forget that it’s one of the most important ones. In this post, we will show you why it’s so important and our M2 One Step Checkout Extension is just what you need.

What is M2 One Step Checkout Extension?

one step checkout


If you’re running an e-commerce store, you’re must be headache looking for solution to the abandon rate at the store. You’re keep looking for the reasons and find ways to enhance the products as well as other part of your store. But maybe you’re looking the wrong way. The problem isn’t in your products, but it’s in the Checkout step of the purchasing process of the store. There is a high percentage of customer abandon the purchasing process when facing a low speed and complicated checkout page. Customers also tend to find more easy checking out stores and engage with them.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension was created to solve this problem. It places all checkout steps on one page to speed up the whole shopping process and significantly enhances your customer satisfaction. Boosts your sales considerably along with increasing extensively conversion rate, decreasing large amount of abandonment card & most importantly is FAST & SAVE checkout time. It’s time to study deeper in your customer’s experience. Let’s look closer to the extension’s features and see why it’s perfect!

M2 EE One Step Checkout Features:

1. Beneficial Store Credit Allowance

one step check out

Credit card is one of the most payment tool for customers and seller’s management as well. So, allowing to use Store Credit is an ideal way for you to attract customer and time-saving for the Checkout process.

2. Incredible Reward Point

one step check out

This just like compositing Reward Points Extension in to the Checkout step. Get many reward points after purchasing products will keep customer’s loyalty. Once transacting conveniently, they will returns many times later to get more points and apply them to get discounts.

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3. Wonderful Gift Card Support

one step checkout

Imagine you receive a Thank-you note everytime you purchase a product instead of a boring text ”Process completed”. This raise your customer’s satisfaction and make a difference of the store to others.

4.  Fast and Flexible One Step Checkout

one step checkout

Be more powerful than the default checkout system, with Magento 2 One Page Checkout, all checkout steps appear together on a single page for customers to modify any step at once. It can bring lots of interesting shopping experience with time saving of 75% on checking out and making payments, which helps to reduce abandon rate significantly.

5. Powerful Soccial Login Support

one step checkout

Instead of typing a long and complex email adress, Magento 2 checkout module lets your customers use their soccial acounts like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Github, Linkedin,etc. This convenient and time saving way can bring best experience to both you and the customers, enable products to be exposed to many people.

6. Wonderful Gift Order

one step checkout

No one hates a gift, especially surprising gifts. As a Online Gift Sender, I would love an easy and convenient Checkout Page. That’s what we have at  M2 One Step Checkout Extension. Let’s bring all your beloved surprise and happiness to the receiver.

7. Inspiring Gift Items

one step checkout

It is easy for you to purchase many products but sending each of them to separated friends or coworkers by using gift items function of Magento 2 One Step Checkout. Only clicking to the Gift icon, you can send message to the one that you want to send items to.

8. Attractive Order Comment

one step checkout

To treat different customers with different attitudes & personalities well, our powerful extension provide an order comment box where customers can note any expected requirement for their products, so you can serve them in the best way.

9. And many other amazing Features:

  • Useful Order Delivery
  • Clear Terms & Conditions
  • Automatically Geo IP Detecting Customer Account
  • Auto-fill Suggesting Google Address
  • Easily Customize Address Fields
  • 1-Click Changing Billing Section Position
  • Auto Ajax update shopping cart product quantity
  • Easily Customize text, icon, and color on module setting
  • Compatible with all custom magento 2 template
  • Optimized For Mobile Checkout
  • 1-click To Edit Item
  • 1-click Backstore Setting
  • Incredible One Checkout Page
  • Easy To Set Desired Delivery Date
  • Diverse Shipping & Payment Method
  • Immediately Remove/Edit Items
  • Instantly Apply Coupon
  • Always Display ”Place order” Button
  • Various skins Support
  • Neat & Clean Interface
  • Neat & Clean Interface
  • User-friendly Configuration
  • Ease To Disable Redundant Fields
  • Convenient Newsletter Setting
  • Smoothly Work With 3rd-party Extension
  • Convenient Coupon Code & Gift Options Operation

Last Words:

With M2 One Step Checkout Extension, you enhance not only the whole purchasing process, but also the customer’s experience. So stop looking for a perfect extension, Magento 2 One Page Checkout is exactly a perfect solution for you. Currently, on Landofcoder, there are 2 available versions for you to purchase with a very reasonalbe price. Check it out right now!

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