5 Fully Featured Magento 2 Extensions to Help you in Web-store Administration

Magento 2 Extensions to Help you in Web-store Administration

Managing a web store is quite a hectic task. From managing content to SEO and from products to orders, a lot is going on behind the scenes. 

While good management is something that can make things smooth, using the right extensions on your website can help you speed up work, save time and provide a better experience to your users. 

To help you out, we have 5 great Magento 2 extensions to help you in web-store Administration. 

I. 5 Fully Featured Magento 2 Extensions 

Below are 5 Fully Featured Magento 2 Extensions that you should consider for faster web store administration.

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1. Magento 2 Restore Canceled Order

Many times when a customer is shopping online, he makes impulsive decisions. With products that are just a click away, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed. Due to that confusion, many times customers cancel orders accidentally. 

As a store owner, you can retrieve those orders, with the Magento 2 restore canceled order extension. The extension offers the following services and features:

  • Order restoration to bring it back to its original state
  • Restoration from the order details page or the grid
  • Restoration of multiple and individual orders
  • Restoration of orders canceled by customer or admin

The extension is very easy to use and restores orders in a few clicks. Once restored, the orders are back to their original form and you don’t need to do anything further. 

The extension offers free installation, 1- year support for free, and a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied. 

2. Magento 2 Hide Price 

Whether your website is for B2B or B2C, you can use this extension to hide prices and add a personal touch to the “Add to cart” buttons. 

The Magento 2 Hide Price extension allows you to manage and hide prices as needed. It lets you customize the “Add to Cart” options on your page and add different call-to-actions for guest visitors who aren’t logged in. 

You can also encourage users to register and upgrade. That will give you a competitive advantage and you will be able to engage customers better. 

The extension comes with the following features and services:

  • Hide prices for multiple products in one go
  • Hide prices from certain groups of visitors or guest customers
  • Add custom messages in place of “Add to Cart”
  • Add an unlimited Call Hide Price Profile and hide the price on every page if required

The extension comes with 6 months of support and assistance so you don’t have to worry about any errors that may occur. 


3. Blog Pro For Magento 2

Quality content and a strong marketing strategy are fundamental to the success of a website. Whether you own a website that makes software products or a fashion brand that sells apparel, the content is always very important. 

The Blog Pro for Magento 2 extension lets you attract more visitors to your website by providing them with great quality content. It also allows you to send promotional messages to your customers. 

The features and services offered include:

  • Supports WordPress DB, Rich snippets codes, and Open Graph Code
  • Generates sitemaps and creates importers
  • Offers multiple layouts
  • Compatibility with Smile_ElasticSuite add-ons
  • Displays images and videos 
  • Lets you import WordPress blogs
  • Offers multiple colors, borders, backgrounds

The extension is free of cost and you can get a license for free. 

4. Form Builder for Magento 2

Filling forms is a lengthy process that is boring to too many people. It can take a lot of time and if it’s complicated, it can repel visitors. If you have to add forms to your website that are easy to fill and are convenient for you to make then you can use the Form Builder for Magento 2.

It allows you to drag and drop, and easily make forms within a few minutes. You won’t need to have any coding experience to use this extension and you can use it easily to make multiple forms for your website. 

The features and services offered by the extension are:

  • Digital signature option on forms
  • Use 20+ ready-made forms 
  • Add multiple forms on a single page 
  • Benefit from reCaptcha security and protection against scams
  • Choose form design, border, icon, and fonts

5. FAQ Extension for Magento 2

With so many online brands and products, customers like to do their research before making a purchase. They like to read reviews, testimonials, and FAQs to know more about the brand and clarify any confusion.

To appear credible and professional to customers, you can use the FAQ Extension for Magento 2 that lets you add FAQ pages to your site. 

The FAQs answer common customer questions plus they are made SEO friendly. You can add questions that suit your business and its unique goals. The extension offers the following services:

  • Live search based on tag, keyword, content 
  • Mobile optimized FAQs
  • FAQ on product page
  • Wide range of styles and layout
  • Multiple animations 
  • Integrate social networks
  • Add question votes: like or dislike
  • Add related products and questions 

The extension is available for free and you will receive the license without any cost. 

II. Conclusion 

In this article, we went through 5 Magento extensions that will help you manage your e-store better. You will not only save your precious time but your store will appear more professional. 

For order management, you can use the Magento 2 restore canceled order extension that lets you recover canceled orders to their original state. 

To hide prices from certain groups of customers you can use the Magento 2 Hide Price extension. For better blog marketing you can use the Blog Pro for Magento 2 extension. 

To make forms less boring for you and the customer, you can use the Form Builder for Magento 2. 

Lastly, with the FAQ Extension, you can create fun FAQ pages that resonate with the customers. 

Thank you and stay safe!

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