How to Uninstall Magento 2 Extension

magento 2 disable extension

Installation and Uninstallation are inverse processes for any extensions. With uninstallation process, there are two dominant methods namely uninstalling manually and via composer; however, manual uninstallation is more recommended. Regarding helping you install/uninstall extensions quickly, in terms of our blog, we will introduce Magento 2 disable Extension. Let’s follow our tutorial to track how we do it.

For example: Disable file Lof_smtpEmail

Choose the name of file: Lof_SmtpEmail and “Delete”

Step 1: Choose name of extension which you want to disable

Go to Table Setup_module in Database, find the name of module and remove it

Step 2: Go to file app/etc/config.php and remove this module

Step 3: Go to app/code and delete the module

As far as we are concerned, uninstalling manually is considered to be the easiest to uninstall Magento 2 Extension.

You already delete file: Lof_SmtpEmail from your Magento Store manually. If you are looking for other way to Uninstall Magento 2 Extension, please view at: Uninstall Magento 2 Extension via Composer

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