How To Change Theme In Magento 2.0 and Magento 2.1


In this tutorial, I will show you easy steps to magento 2 change theme and magento 2.1. Although you need to change theme from admin in both version, in magento 2.1 there are some different steps. Hence, we separate theme into 2 parts. Please follow our tutorials step by step.

1. How To Change Theme In Magento 2.0

In order to change theme in magento 2.0, please go to the Admin Panel > Store > Configuration like below image.

1. change theme in magento 2

Next, you need to open General Tab > Design

2. change theme in magento 2

In the Design tab, you can select Desired Theme > Save Config > Clear Cache

magento 2 change theme

2. How To Change Theme In Magento 2.1

If you are using Magento version 2.1, you also need go to the Admin Panel > Content > Configuration

change-theme-in-2,11 In the Design Configuration Tab, please chose storeview you want to change theme by clicking on ” Edit”

change-theme-2.1.1 Then in the fault theme section, please choose the theme you want to use for your magento 2.1 store


In the end, if you have any feed back for our tutorial ” Magento 2 change theme“, you can feel free to leave us your comment below.

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