Magento 2.2 CE features | All Magento 2.2 Features You should know (New Released)

magento 2.2 ce features

Since Magento 2 has released, it is marked the biggest milestones in Magento history for any E-commerce business. It comes with powerful features about payment enhancement, neat brain-tree, management interface, Magento 2 becomes better user experience and nice interface. In proof, the number of users using Magento increases rapidly in quality and quantity.

Inherited from success in Magento 2.1, Magento 2.2 is continuing to bring surprise to customers. Magento 2.2 EE already brings new Powerful Feature in this early of 2017.  And until 26th September, Magento 2.2 CE is released. It comes with Advanced Features which changes a lot of Magento 2 CE store.

Let’s explore What is new in Magento 2.2 CE Features

I. What is new in Magento 2.2 CE Features

– Improve Security & Enhance Developer Experience
– Mass Technology Update
– Pipeline Deployment
– Substantial Performance

1. Improve Security & Enhance Developer Experience

  • Improve Security: For any store, the security plays an important role, especially for Online Store which is easy for hacker to attack.  So in Magento 2.2 CE,  security is enhanced.  The removal of specific un-serialize calls and changes to the hashing algorithm to improve security for sensitive values. We encourage you should update your store to new version Magento 2.2 CE to get advanced security and ensure your store.
  • Enhance Developer Experience: Developers will appreciate improvements in debugging, customizations, and logging.

2. Mass Technology Update

In Magento 2.2 CE Features, it is supported:

  • PHP 7.1
  • Redis 3.2
  • MySQL 5.7
  • Varnish 5
  • All third-party libraries have been upgraded to the latest stable version.

Note: Remember that Magento 2.2 (CE and EE) is not supported for PHP 5.6 and Varnish 3.

3. Pipeline Deployment: 

Minimize downtime is also one of the most remarkable Magento 2.2 CE Features. Downtime on your production system is limited to the amount of time required to transfer static files and compiled code to the server.

  • Enables separate build and deployment stages that can run separately.
  • Resource-intensive processes can run on the build server.
  • Pipeline deployment supports easy management of configuration between environments, too.

4. Substantial Performance: Indexing, cart, and cache operations

Customers can browse and shop at frontend while indexers are running.
Cart improvements enable a buyer to create a cart with more than 300 line items, and merchants can process a cart with at least 300 line items.

II. Magento 2.2 EE Features – How to improve for Magento 2.2 CE Features more powerful.

Magento 2.2 brings the huge changes for Ecommerce Store. As you know, Magento 2.2 is released specially for B2B. This B2B is only available in Enterprise Edition. Magento 2.2 CE features are less than those of Magento 2.2 EE. Hence, let’s analyze and find out the way How to Improve Magento 2.2 CE:

There are two basic actors in B2B model:

  • Merchants: A merchant is an admin user that accesses the system from the Magento Admin panel.
  • Buyer: A buyer is any customer associated with a company account who accesses the system from the storefront.

Detail B2B features:

  • Well- organized Company Account Management.
  • Negotiable Quote (Quote Engine)
  • Quick order
  • Credit Limit
  • Requisition lists
  • Customized Catalogs & Price Lists
  • API for Simple ERP Integrations
  • Advanced Report
FeatureMagento 2.2 EE FeaturesMagento 2.2 CE Features

Well-organized Company account Management

That ‘s great. Magento 2 comes with well-organized management. B2B merchants help users control their multiple client accounts in neat and saving time.

  • Designate a “Super User” to manage the company’s account
  • Drag-and-drop buyers into a hierarchy that matches the business structure
  • View orders and quotes for direct reports
  • Set account role and permission to purchase/ view/ edit

2. Quote Engine:

It’s negotiable quote. If in Magento 2.1 version, you should install Magento 2 Quote Extension to allow customers send quote and now this extension is integrated in Magento 2.2.

Instead of installing this extension, company, clients, customers can submit negotiable quotations as default -> Save time and save money.

B2B Customers:

– Quick-start quotes from the cart or previous quotes or orders
– Add comments and documents to justify requested discounts
– Track quote status as it is processed
– Correspond with the merchant as needed to close the deal
– Track all quotes with a summary “My Quotes” view


- Track all their quotes in a summary view that
they can customize, filter, and
– Access quote details with a
history log of all updates and
– Save drafts of the quote proposals
until they are ready to send Customers, companies can convert add to cart to request a quote. Moreover, you can save quote
– Customers, companies can convert add to cart to request a quote. Moreover, you can save quote

Merchants can optimize proposals with total cost data and tools to calculate discounts:

– Negotiate both product and shipping prices
– Explain their proposals by adding comments and attachments
– Suggest additional SKUs or make substitutions to increase
their AOV
– Close deals quickly by setting quote expiration dates

You can Install this extension: Magento 2 Quote Extension to help customers request a quote product.

– Ajax add to quote
– Easy To Use Add to Quote
– Add Note/ Comment For Each Product
– Live Editor For Price
– Automate Request For Quote Process
– Make a Remarks For The Whole Quotation
– Easy to Check Quote Request Process
– Easily Enable / Disable Quotation Section For Each Product
– Enter custom prices per product
– Add or delete products from the quote request
– Display On HomePage, Search Page & Other Pages
– All Magento product types supported
– Supports responsive web design and works flawlessly together with Magento’s Luma theme
– Internationalization & Localization
– Convert a quote request to order using the admin panel
– Quick Manager
– Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
– [New] Create Quote In The Backend
– [New] Send email notification to customer when the Quote is updated
– [NEW] Add Tax for Quote
– Ease to show Total Quote Table


3. Quick order:

Enable B2B customers to order by:
– Entering individual or multiple SKUs
– Uploading CSV files
-  Magento validates SKUs and confirms inventory is available. Normally, companies always know exact product they want and need to purchase multiple products at once. So this feature in Magento 2.2 will help companies create quick order with SKU product or Upload CSV file with 2 columns: SKU, quantity.

4. Credit Limited:

B2B Customers:

  • Finish their purchase with postpone payment or choose Payment on Account instead of choosing Pay by Paypal or available payment method.

Manage company account via Magento Admin


Can config credit( terms and condition), restric credit for specific country.

Customers have to pay their purchase at add to cart, no postpone payment.

With PayPal in-context checkout together with PayPal saved credit cards.  It lets customers to pay via PayPal without leaving the merchant’s site. Hence, it will help you to boost conversion rates up to 69bps.

Meanwhile, Paypal saved credit cards helps to store credit card information. Thus, shoppers don’t have to insert it again in checkout page. Also, admin don’t need to reordering items from Magento Admin panel. As a result, PayPal saved credit cards boost repeat purchases significantly.

5. Requisition lists:

  • Create lists of frequently purchased products for easy re-ordering
    • Set up as many lists as needed and assign lists to specific buyers
    • Easily add products to lists by:
    – Entering product SKUs
    – Copying previous orders
    – Selecting “Add to Requisition List” from product and category pages
    • Simply select products and choose “Add to Cart” to initiate a purchase

Requisition lists is a new feature of Magento 2.2 that allows your users to do just that. You can convert carts to requisition lists back and forth and store many of them within the account.

For store owner, you can create multiple lists of frequently purchased items and assign them to specific buyers. B2B clients can add products to each list by entering SKUs, copying already completed orders, or adding products from category and product pages (via “Add to Requisition List” button).

6. Customized Catalogs & Price Lists

This feature plays an essential role. Because as negotiable has a close relation with customized catalog and price list. Merchants can control all catalog and price which is shown on

Merchants can control all catalog and price which is shown on there site. Moreover, Different price and specific catalog will be assigned for multiple clients.

7. API for Simple ERP Integrations

All new features API is enabled in Backend Integration. They are company account, users & company structure, company credit limit, credit transaction, share catalog creation, quote and requisition list. Moreover, you can update a huge number of product prices quickly.

Empower B2B Customers with Self-Service Account Tools:

8. Advanced Reporting 

• Integrate Magento & Google Analytics data75 Best Practice Reports
• Custom Report Creation Capabilities
• Available for all Magento Merchants
• Included with Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition
• Advanced Reports coming with 2.2; 12 reports using MBI UXAdvanced Reporting provides merchants with an improved, reliable, and compelling way to report on their products, orders, and customers.
 You should Install Magento 2 Advanced Report Extension to help you get your Report in minutes and exactly.

III. Themes and extensions recommendation

When you have got the gist of Magento 2.2 CE features and Magento 2.2 EE as well, check the following recommendation for premium themes and extensions which can polish your online store in a flash.

First, this collection of 54+ Magento 2.2 theme and extension are very well crafted to support whatever your store need for a speedy and smooth performance. A mind-blowing list is definitely worth checking out. Demo links are included for your closer look.

In case, you just want to try free themes first. Then, you can check the list TOP best Magento 2.2 Free Themes below, you will be awestruck with what you can get. Regardless of design, performance, or flexibility, they will go far beyond your expectation for free themes.

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