Magento Affiliate Program | Earn Up To 50% Commission per Order

magento affiliate program


Landofcoder is very pleased to announce about unbelievable chance to get up to 50% commission from our Magento Affiliate Program. You can get unlimited earning by driving customers to sign up at Landofcoder. Now, let’s view detailed Advantages of the Magento Affiliate Program:

Your benefits when you are Landofcoder Affiliates

  • We provide TOP high 1uality Extensions in Landofcoder. Our support team is always willing to support and give advice.
  • Free to sign up only a few minutes
  • Your commission will start from 10% when the referrer order totals less than $500.
  • When the referrer order total amount reaches greater than $500/ order, the commission rate will increase to 15% – 20% – 25% – 30% ( depending on order totals amount). Especially, the commission rate will increase to 50% per each order for each referrer when the order totals equal to or greater than $15,001 /order.

How Landofcoder Magento Affiliate Program Works?


You need to sign up to get tracking links to place on your promotional channels.


The tracking link includes Magento affiliate code that we use to track conversion by your visitors.


You will get 10%-50% commission for every successful purchase.

Earn Up To 50% Commission per Order

magento affiliate program commission rate

How to be an affiliate?

Step 1: Create a customer account manually on Landofcoder website or simply click this link

Create Landofcoder customer account

Step 2: Log in to the account. After logging in to the account you can see the Dashboard and other information. Click “My Affiliate Account” section.

dashboard customer account
landofcoder magento affiliate account

Step 3: Register to an affiliate account following our registration form. After finishing the registered process in our Affiliate system, please wait for the response of the administrator. Or for faster approach, you can contact us via live chat on or email us via [email protected]

finish the affiliate registration process

You will receive an announcement email for your Affiliate Sign Up

magento affiliate program email announcement

After the Landofcoder administrator approve your account, you will receive another notification email for the action.

affiliate account active email notification

Step 3: Log in to your affiliate account again and start create the first affiliate link!

magento affiliate program dashboard

Step 4: Create the first affiliate link.

Go to ” My Invitation” -> Paste the Landofcoder product link ( replace the existing link and keep the affiliate code “/?mw_aref…” -> Send the link to customer/ shopper and receive the commission whenever customers place an order successfully.

Don’t be hesitated! Sign it up to be Landofcoder Magento Affiliate. For any query let us know via our live chat or send an email to [email protected].

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