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Today we would like to share with all guys incredible information about Magento 2 Form Builder. Specifically, It will help you How to create contact form using our product – Magento 2 Form builder.  In this tutorial, there are two parts:

  • The benefits of a Contact Form for Magento Store
  • How to create Contact Form with Magento 2 Form Builder?

Firstly, Let’s have a look on a basic contact form builder for Magento

sample for contact form

1. The benefits of a Contact Form for Magento Store
Why We need a contact form?
Do I just need to post our website’s email on the page and then customers will email me?
They are just two from hundreds of questions which many Magento Owners are concerning about. In fact, Contact form has many benefits for the business owners and help them to collect more information from their customers.
Here are three biggest reasons why people need Contact Form for their site:

  • Spam Reduction: Contact form is the best solution which is handled server side and much safer than using the mailto tag.
  • Information Control: You can specify the information you require in form to capture the exact information you want from customers
  • Consistency: All information is provided in the same way which is good and consistent for you to organize easily and fast.

2. How to create a Contact Form with Magento 2 Form Builder?
Before you create a Contact form, please ensure to install Magento 2 Form Builder. Magento 2 Form Builder is the smart choice for creating a Contact form
Link Extension: Magento 2 Form Builder
Link guide: How to install Magento 2 Form Builder & Sample Data? – Landofcoder
Steps to create Contact form With Magento 2 Form Builder

Step 1: Login your account
Step 2: Click to “Add New Form” and start creating your stunning Contact Form

Step 3: Click on “Form Information”
In this step, you will add the information of Contact form that you are creating. They include “Form Title”, “Identifier”, “Receive Notification” …
After you finish creating the Information, change the status into “Enabled”

Step 4: Click to Form content on the left and add your text before/after Form content
Step 5: It’s time creating the appearance of your “Contact Form”
Click to “add new field” to make a new field and then edit the field with the name, color, icon, label…

Magento 2 Form Builder of Landofcoder has 20+ input types, dynamic Drag n Drop, and customizable backgrounds which are dedicated to supporting extensively in creating forms.
Everything you have to do is click, drag & drop, text… Your own beautiful Contact form will appear.
Advice: You can watch this video guide to know the way to create the form easily and fast
How to create a form in Magento 2 fast? – Magento 2 Form Builder Tutorial
Step 6: Check “SEO”, “Design” and click “Save Form”
Congratulation! You have completed your Contact Form for your store with Magento 2 Form Builder of Landofcoder.