Top 7 Advantages of Lightweight Websites

Advantages of Lightweight Websites

Nowadays, businesses are adopting new ways to keep their customers engaged, interested, and loyal to their products and services. Choosing a lightweight website over a heavy-weight website is one of them. With the changing requirements of customers, businesses are also making amendments while having website development services. Therefore, they are experimenting with these lightweight websites as these facilitate users with ease-to-use, faster speed, interactive user interface, and many more.

Do you have any idea about what is a lightweight website? If not, then don’t worry, here we are providing a complete understanding of these websites, their advantages along with the differences between a lightweight website and a heavyweight website. Scroll down to get all the details.

I. What are Lightweight Websites?

A lightweight website tends to be a super-fast website that takes minimal time in loading, has fewer errors, and least impact on the basic system or device’s performance. These types of websites consume marginal device storage, RAM, processors, and other aspects of the system. At the same time, they provide the same features, functions, performance, and assistance just like a standard web browser. Lightweight websites are easily crawlable and also guide search engines about indexing something or not. 

These websites only include essential features to make the site work faster and to alleviate the use of system resources along with curtailing the memory footprint. This is the reason why businesses are preferring to have lightweight website development services over investing in heavyweight websites.     

What are Lightweight Websites?

II. Top 7 Advantages of Lightweight Websites

The current study reveals that most people prefer to abandon a slow website that takes lots of time to load and go for a website that boosts more rapidly. Delays in loading can also have a huge impact on lead conversion, hence ventures are taking the help of lightweight website frameworks to build a fast-performing website. 

Let’s have a look at the advantages of lightweight websites that should be your priority when choosing them over anything else.

2.1. Speed Optimization

Fast page speed is something that has a huge impact on the website and its SEO. It can rank down the website in less time and can also improve it. Businesses need to create a website that takes less time to load. If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, it highly affects the users’ interest, and they leave the site immediately. 

If you are looking for website speed optimization, you should know complex web designs are a big barrier in this way. Try to minimize the graphics, images, and other aspects of the website to fasten up its speed. A quick load time can also improve your website’s rank in SEO results.   

2.2. Better Conversion Rate 

The main objective of a website or web page has always been to get more business through conversions. In simple words, if the viewer will not be interested to see your website for a long time, there is no chance of a conversion. But if your website has an attractive user interface, easy navigation, appealing graphics, and engaging content, they might want to get contact you. Various firms choose the best lightweight website builder to create such a website that can help to improve their conversion rate to earn great revenue. 

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3.3. Mobile-Friendly

The more responsive your lightweight website design is, the more your business will lead to success. Yes, that’s a fact! The website must have a fully optimized structure in order to get attention from a wide user base. Maintaining two different websites for desktop and mobile can be very costly and will double your work. Hence, it is necessary to build a website compatible with both desktops and smartphones. 

Putting up a solid lightweight website framework from starting will help you a lot in creating an SEO-friendly website. Having a responsive website will also improve the appeal of your site to draw the attention of more people.  

2.4. Less Data Consumption 

Complex websites with lots of unnecessary features can lead to consuming more than expected data that can bother users and they may stop using your website. Therefore, while having website development services, enterprises must consider their website to be simply attractive with required features & aspects only. This way, they will be successful to gain a website with less data consumption that will attract a high user base. 

2.5. Improved User Experience

The primary goal of a website is to provide a next-level experience to users. When you hire dedicated developers to create a lightweight website, ensure they are able to build a website that focuses on important aspects for website development such as fast page loading time, interesting content, step-by-step navigation, and others. Lightweight websites with these significant elements help users easily use the site and explore the content. 

If the website has a slow loading time, it can cause an increased bounce rate.  It will lead to fewer conversions and poor user experience. Thus, faster loading time is essential to make the users spend a lot of time on the website by having the content they want.  

2.6. Reduced User Friction 

Friction is something that makes it difficult for users to navigate or accomplish a goal through the website. It can be anything like a long fill-out form or a lot of complicated content. Here, a lightweight website builder helps to create such websites that contain minimal content, less friction, simple design, and others. These types of lightweight websites have specific prototypical web design guidelines. For instance, it is fixed that the navigation menu can also be displayed on the top of the page. 

Following these certain guidelines helps to reduce user friction and assist viewers to access fast. They can easily navigate a web page without having hostilities. Incorporating simple and ideal website designs will be helpful to decrease friction and deliver a never-like-before experience to users.    

2.7. Uses less RAM

Users tend to avoid downloading websites that consume lots of space in their systems. But lightweight websites store less space in comparison to heavyweight websites. These also work faster and smoother while maintaining the cost. Websites that need large storage space and RAM also cost higher. This is the reason why enterprises take assistance from a reliable website development company to build a lightweight website that doesn’t need high storage and RAM along with less website development cost.    

III. Lightweight Websites vs Heavyweight Websites

Let’s navigate to the difference between lightweight and heavyweight websites. It will provide you clarity about why big corporations and small firms both are choosing lightweight websites over heavyweight websites. 

Light Weight Websites

These websites are not complex and need no extra effort when it comes to maintaining or upgrading them. You can simply hire dedicated developers to help you build a lightweight website with the required features and functions such as interactive UI/UX, easy-to-read content, responsiveness, a straightforward navigation system, and many more. These websites deliver an amazing user experience while helping businesses have limited development costs.     

Heavy Weight Websites

Heavyweight websites tend to be loaded with lots of features, functionalities, and web pages that unnecessarily increase the overall development cost. These are used to sell products or services and to expand business services. Sometimes, having several web pages & features can slow down your website. 

To prevent this and improve the user experience, lightweight websites came into existence. Though lightweight websites have fewer functions and a detailed understanding of the services, on the contrary, heavyweight websites have all the information from start to end. 

Heavy Weight Websites

IV. In Essence 

You have got all the details about lightweight websites and their advantages in the above write-up. Let us tell you hiring a leading website development company is not the only way to build a website, be it a lightweight or heavyweight website. You can create a website or add custom plugins to it via website builders. Various website builder uses WordPress to get a feature-rich and easy-to-use website. 

If you have got just a few items or services to sell, you can go for lightweight websites, otherwise, heavyweight websites are also in the queue. Choose carefully while considering your business requirements! 

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