How To Create Menus For Multiple Storeview


As you know, Magento 2 Mega Menu Extension helps you create Dynamic Magento 2 Menu Multistore. By install this extension, you can create your menu easily. Especially, you can build multistore menu.

Firstly, we will guide you “How to Create English Storeview and then Create France Storeview

1. Create Magento 2 Menu English Storeview

Go to Admin Panel > Venustheme > Mega Menu > Add New Menu

magento 2 menu multistore 1In general setting:

magento 2 menu multistore 2

Name: Name your store
Insert ” Mega Menu” in Alias Field
Choose store view English
Customers Groups:

magento 2 menu multistore 3

At Menu Editor:
Choose Add New items / Click button “Edit” name of the store then update name. Then Save and Continue Edit
Don’t forget to click on “ Save and Duplicate Button”

magento 2 menu multistore 4

magento 2 menu multistore 5

2. Create Magento 2 France Storeview

Back to Venustheme / Manage Menus

2. magento 2 menu multistore

Choose Menu You just duplicate to edit: Name, Storeview.

After that, you can see at Menu list of Menu. Choose the part of Duplicated English store View, and edit it to France Store View:
Then Save

magento 2 menu multistore 6

Choose Content / Page:

magento 2 menu multistore 7At Page Title: Named Page. Content / Insert Widget / Widget Type: Ves Mega Menu
Choose Widget Option:

magento 2 menu multistore 8English Mega Menu
Insert Mega Menu

Finally, at Store Cache Management:

magento 2 menu multistore 9

At Cache Type” Choose Select All” and “Submit

magento 2 menu multistore

Check it at Frontend.
Congratulation! You ‘ve set up successfully for your menu for Magento 2 Menu Multistore!

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