How to add CMS block Magento 2 and Widget to the page


As you know, CMS block and Widget pages are very important for each Page. You can easily control your pages and Build content. Thanks to this, you can avoid to buggers in Magento’s admin. The administrators can  manage the website through adding and control  a series of display images and construction on your site. Customers can admire all promotion banners, Sale blocks, Refund policies, size charts.

In terms of this tutorial, I will show you “How to add CMS Block and Widget to the page”? Take it easy this tutorial!

I. Add CMS Block Magento 2

Adding a static block to a page theme is a smart way to control global elements of your site such as footer links, custom callouts in the sidebar.

Admin Panel >>> Content

Add Cms Block 1

Block >>> Add Block

Add Cms Block 2

>>> Fill the Block Title, Identifier, Needed Storeview >>> Save Block

Add Cms Block 2

II. Add widget Magento 2

Add Widget Magento 2 is mean they are sets of configuration options. Administrators can decorate for the stores front-end blocks functionality. They can control flexible in creating informational and marketing content through the Magento 2 Admin panel.

Admin Panel >>> Content

add cms widget magento 2 -01

Widget >>> Add widget add cms widget magento 2 -02

Setting up for Widget: Enter types and design theme. Then choose “Continue” button.

add cms widget magento 2 -03

Storefront Properties: Add title and store view for the widget.
Select the layout for Widget as shown as a storefront and click save button.

add cms widget magento 2 -03

III. Add Content Page Magento 2

Content >>> Page: There you can open any of the already existing pages or create a new one. In this tutorial, you can create a new page.

add page magento 2- 01

Create New Page:

add page magento 2- 02

You can fill all page Title, Content Heading:

add page magento 2- 07

At the box” Show/ Hide Editore: Choose the symbol for Insert Widget like this
At the part of insert Widget:

insert widget-01Then at the part of Insert Widget: You need to choose Widget type and Template:

add page magento 2- 06

At the Search Engine Tab, Page in Website and design and choose store View you want to display:

add page magento 2- 04

And design:

add page magento 2- 05

We will add a Widget with the Static block type. There we can see the block that we created previously.

Click Insert widget and do not forget to save the page and clear cache if needed.
Congratulations! Now you know “How to Add CMS block Magento 2 and Widget to the page” in your Magento 2x Store. In case, you have some request, please feel free to leave the comment here and get supports as soon as possible.

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