How to Solve SOAP Errors in Magento 2?

Deal with SOAP Errors

Can’t set up a license? SOAP Error After Saving License?

All you have to do to solve SOAP errors is to install the SOAP extension on Magento 2 Website.

First of all, check the following requirements to install SOAP extensions:

Required PHP Extensions for Magento 2:

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Step 1: To solve SOAP Errors open SOAP extension. There are two ways for you

1) Via cpanel

– Log into cpanel

– Click Select PHP Version

deal with soap errors

– In the Current PHP version, check for the latest version. PHP 5.4 or 5.5 is recommended.

deal with soap errors– Click Set as Current

– Then you can select SOAP in modules section

– Click Save

2) Contact Server Supporting Team

Step 2: In root folder, create php file with content



Set file authority into 755 and access the following link:

to check SOAP extension

deal with soap errors

If SOAP Extension has been opened, delete phpinfo.php file

Step 3: Refresh Cache, then active license at your site

– Backend > Ves / Lof > License

That’s the end of the tutorial. Hope you find it helpful.

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