Magento Agencies Vs Freelancers: Who Is Right For Your Next eCommerce Project?

Magento Agencies Vs Freelancers: Pick Your Ideal Choice

Magento software has a steep learning curve, unlike many other e-commerce platforms. Despite offering high customization options, the platform requires developers to have extensive knowledge of the PHP programming language to build powerful online stores.

Therefore, the concern of many store owners when building their own Magento online store is whether to use Magento agencies Vs freelancers – developers who have many years of experience in developing stores.

If you are also having the same concern, this article is exactly for you.

I. Roles and Responsibilities of Freelance Magento Developer Vs Professional Magento Agency 

Now, you might wonder why should you look for professional Magento developers when you can hire a freelance developer. It is common for you to compare the two options, especially because the latter option is quite cost-effective. 

So, let’s look at the differences in roles and responsibilities of a Magento freelancer to a professional development company. 

Magento Agencies Vs Freelancers
Magento Freelancer Magento Development Firm 
In charge of developing an eCommerce store. Alongside development, they are also responsible for testing, launching, and maintaining your eCommerce store. With the after-project support option, you can easily take care of minor updates and small bug fixes. 
If you have a solid plan or scope defined for your eCommerce project, a freelance developer will help you build it with his/her technical competence. Even if you are unsure which features to build and what’s best for your online store, you can still reach out to a reputed firm. With their diverse experience in multiple industries and knowledge of trends, they can consult you about building a futuristic eStore. 
May or may not lack in-depth experience in version control, project management software, Google Analytics, A/B testing, and SEO. When you hire a Magento developer from a reputed firm, you get access to the best resources who are well-versed in all adjacent technologies. Their expertise in version control, project management software, Google Analytics, A/B testing, and SEO will ensure your online store is optimized for the best performance. 
There are fewer chances that you will find a certified Magento freelancer. You get to choose the best Magento partners who can help elevate your eCommerce experience. Choose from the business, professional, enterprise, and global elite partners as you get the best hires onboard.

II. Magento Agency Vs Freelance Developers: Pros and Cons 

2.1. Hiring a Magento freelancer 


  • Ideally considered for small-scale projects. 
  • You can hire a freelancer from literally anywhere in the world. That doesn’t restrict you from finding skilled resources. 
  • Cost is comparatively less as they work individually and because of currency differences. 
  • If you have a particular task in hand or small features to add to your Magento store, they are the perfect option. 


  • Risks associated with hiring freelancers are quite high as they can leave your project midway. It can cost you more and delivery time will also be affected. 
  • There can be communication delays. 
  • Risk of intellectual property being exposed. 
  • One might promise more than they deliver, causing delays in your project. 

2.2. Hiring a Professional Magento Development Agency 


  • They have a reputation to behold, so you can trust them significantly. 
  • Direct access to professional Magento developers. 
  • You can also hire a Magento development team with diverse experience who can work remotely. 
  • After-project support is provided. 
  • Access to the latest tools and technologies. 
  • More successful eCommerce projects. 


  • They will only work on things within the scope of the project. If you have an additional task to perform, you will be charged additionally. 
  • In case of conflict or difference in development approach between you and the project manager, productivity can be hampered. 

III. Magento Agencies Vs Freelancers 

Let’s look at the key differences between hiring a freelance developer and a Magento development agency to decide the best option for you. 

3.1. Based on quality output/ range of services  

A Magento freelance developer might be skilled in related technologies such as PHP, Javascript, CSS, etc. Or, know the nuances of the Magento platform. But, they have limited experience and won’t be able to offer a range of Magento services. 

Whereas, a Magento development company has combined experience working on eCommerce projects. They follow standard quality practices to maintain the best quality. Moreover, they have a pool of Magento experts on their team from where you get to hire the best developers or team of developers based on your custom needs. 

3.2. Delivery timeline 

A freelancer works on multiple projects at a time. This could result in delayed delivery as your project is not their priority. 

As for a renowned development firm, they will work dedicatedly on your project. Thus, you can expect a shorter project turnaround time. 

3.3. Cost of recruitment 

As you would already know the cost of hiring a freelancer is much less compared to the cost of hiring developers from a company. If you are hiring a Magento freelance developer, the hourly rates can start from as low as $15 and go up to $200. 

However, a Magento development agency will charge a minimum of $35/ hour for developing a Magento eCommerce store. The exact rate will differ based on the location from where you are hiring resources. 

If you outsource the project to countries like Viet Nam, Ukraine, or India, you can save a lot on the development cost while ensuring quality development. 

3.4. Communication flexibility 

A freelancer is an independent individual who works at their time and pace. And no matter how quickly they promise to respond, getting hold of them becomes a challenge for clients. 

There are chances they are off on a holiday or working on another project. You don’t get a transparent system where you can easily reach out to the developers whenever you find it suitable. 

A development agency is more flexible in this case and if you are lucky enough to find the right one, timezone differences might not be a hassle for you at all. 

3.5. Engagement model

As already covered, a freelancer has a limited range of services. So, if your requirements are slightly on the larger side, you may need to hire multiple freelancers. It means multiple touchpoints and more management issues. 

When you hire a development agency for Magento store development, you can either hire on a fixed cost basis, hire developers on hourly rates, or hire a team of Magento developers at your convenience. 

3.6. Privacy and confidentiality 

One of the significant drawbacks of hiring a freelancer would be the constant threat of exposing sensitive project details. Or, mishandling of information on their front can cause data theft. 

It is one sensitive issue that can put you at legal risk, not to mention losses. But, with the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) signed by a Magento development firm and their standard security practices, they maintain complete confidentiality and privacy for your shared information. 

IV. Conclusion 

Whether you hire a Magento development agency or a freelancer, it is important to note that they are an absolute necessity for feature-rich store development. While both provide you with quality development, hiring from a professional agency gives you more perks like a range of Magento services, quick delivery, NDA, and multiple engagement models. 

At the same time, hiring a freelance developer would mean cost efficiency and immediate access to talent without much paperwork. In the end, it all comes down to your unique needs. Thus, weigh in on the various options and choose the best-suited option for you. 

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