Magento 2 Help Desk Extension| Utilize ticket system for Store Support

magento 2 help desk extension

For many years ago, customers communication is very important. It plays an essential role for any business. And for Online store, it is the important criteria to evaluate your store quality good or not. To bring the most powerful and flexible solution for Store support, we are very pleased to announce new Product in Helpdesk. That is Magento 2 Help desk Extension. With this extension, you can collect all request, inquiries, offline chat messages, email in one place. Moreover, all messages will be assigned to the proper department without leaking information.

Besides, with help desk, the customer can create ticket easily on front-end or email support team’s address. Also, the ticket can be created by admin the backend. Once a ticket is submitted, it will be logged to ticket grid section in the backend. In the ticket grid, agents can set ticket priority, tie tickets to orders and more.

Especially, our Magento 2 Help Desk extension could be automated that allows you to send notifications, changing priority, and much more.

Don’t waste time anymore, Check demo out to experience the usefulness of Help desk brings to:


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