No 1 Free Magento 2 Live Chat: Be your customer’s best companion

free magento 2 live chat extension

To show your customers how good your service is, providing them with a consistent supporter is indispensable. By means of directly connecting with your customers, you will know how to make them the best service and products. That is why live chat box in your website is more essential for your business than ever. Live chat is awesome itself, but with our Free Magento 2 Live Chat extension or also known as Magento 2 Support Center, you will go a little bit beyond chat only and take more steps closer to your customers.

Free Magento 2 Live Chat extension is integrated with Facebook and Messenger to enhance communicating with your customers. Now, with one extension only, you can get their Social Login and chat with them at the same time. Seamlessly connecting to many customers at once, customizing your chat box’s appearance are much simpler. Beside normal features, what makes this extension stand out is 5 following handy functions.

Shortcut login to Facebook

Very well aware of Facebook’s prevalence, our extension supports Facebook login to make you connect to your customers as fast and easy as possible. Actually, another cool benefit is you are enable to access to your customers’ information in their Facebook account. Name, email, DOB, or location are now all on your list. No wonder anyone on your Facebook advertising agencies list considers to use the Magento live chat extension.

Familiar Facebook interface

In attempt to make your customers comfortable while chatting with you, just like chats between friends, Live Chat for Magento 2 comes with Facebook and Messenger interface. Accordingly, you can change chat box into multi-color to your liking. Make chats more fun!

Widely spreading your Facebook page

You can easily add your Facebook link and Like button to your live chat box and make it visible to your customers all the time. By that means, with Magento 2 Support Center you can drive more traffics and likes to your Facebook page as well as send messages about special events to your potential customers.

Unlimited History Chat

With Customer Live Chat, you will save your time when tracking back your chat with a specific customer or even in a long time ago with our unlimited history chat.

Break down languages barriers

With Multiple and RLT Languages supported, communication with your international customers will be no big deal.

The cool thing is that Live Chat for Magento 2 is free of charge. Especially, Customer Live Chat is upgraded day by day with more and more amazing features. Thus, Free Magento 2 Live Chat extension remarkably facilitates you to get the most of Live Chat box for your business.

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