How To Disable Magento 2 Reviews and Rating

disable magento 2 reviews and ratings

In these tutorials, I will show you the best way to disable Magento 2 reviews and ratings. It is very easy to follow.

Please take a look at the below image to see how reviews and rating look:

reviews and ratings

Firstly, you need to go to the Magento 2 admin panel ( Magento 2 backend) > Open Store > Configuration as below image.

remove reviews and ratings

In the configuration part > Open Advanced > Choose Advanced.

display reviews and ratings

Then you will see enable/ disable reviews & ratings

Please take a look at below image:

disable reviews

Once you complete it, please don’t forget to save the configuration.

save configuration

Finally, you need to clear the cache by going to ” cache management” > select all > refresh > submit

clear cache magento 2

You can check in the front-end if the rating & reviews part has been removed, congrats you completed it successfully.


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  1. i can’t see the advanced option in advanced link i only see 3 option admin, system and developer but advanced option is not there.