10+ Strategies To Convert More Visitors Into Clients For Your Marketplace

10+ Strategies To Convert More Visitors Into Clients For Your Marketplace

Your initial success in business is watching the number of visitors to your site grow dramatically – who wouldn’t want to see results like this?

But, visitors only do not equate to a successful business. To earn benefits from attractiveness, you’ve got to convert at least some of those visitors and turn them into customers, which is biggest challenge for you! Fortunately, there are so many tactics to help you start turning a popular website into a profitable website.

There are lots of strategies for you to attract visitors and then convert them into your customers. However, which ways are more effective and time-saving? In this article, we will help you find the solution.

  1. Engaging with mobile visitors.

Currently, thank to the technology development, everyone has their own mobile devices at least one thing like smartphone. Following the trend, mobile users and mobile shoppers are continuously increasing with the high speed. Hence, one of the best ways to attract potential customers is driving traffic comes from the mobile devices.

Engaging with mobile visitors.

However, firstly you must have a mobile friendly website like Landofcoder, Webkul, etc. Visitors may fall into your web by accident and stay some time there. If you can impress them, they will be your customers immediately to purchase your products wherever & whenever they are, Making use of this convenience can help you increase the sales from new visitors significantly.

  1. Creating your well-secured marketplace.

Nowadays, customers tend to have lots of choices when shopping online. They may be skeptical while seeking for the most secured store to protect their personal information. Specifically, your online store is a hub of confidential information, like customers credit card numbers, address, and a lot more personal stuff. For this reason, ensuring security to your clients is a necessary function.

Creating your well-secured store

To avoid unwanted troubles, ensure that your online marketplace is protected against threats and hackers with SSL certificate, timely updated with the latest versions of the plugin, has solid backups, password protected and only reliable people have access to the dashboard.

  1. Catchy product information & description

You may misunderstanding between two notions of product information and description. The product information must be clear and concise as it will determine whether or not it is right for a customer. The product description, on the other hand, leaves room for creativity.

Catchy product information & description

Using a few catchy phrases to hint as to what the product can do and who simply can’t live without it will draw visitors to the product page. From there they should be able to see facts on how the product operates, what it can do, how much it costs, if it can be customized, and how long the delivery would take.

Embellishing on the product information page is not a great idea. It may work on a few people but remember that you want to maximize your profits. So, only present information that has value and that can be verified from exterior sources.

  1. Make yourself reachable

You may have a great site and products to sell, but if your client service is not up to the mark, chances are you will attract send back more unhappy visitors. After going through your products, they might have some questions or doubts after referring to some pages or products and that is the time when they need someone to assist or help them.

Make yourself reachable

Your customer support is one of your key selling points. If you cannot response or clear their queries or doubts regularly, they will leave your store and then it will decrease sales and conversion rate. To avoid such situations and increase the conversion rate, you should build an easy-to-access contact us page, create support forms, live chat, email and phone support, and see which one works best for your business.

  1. Use Email Marketing Effectively

Email can be seen as the oldest channel for marketing purpose but it is the first choice to help increasing the traffic or sales and also be one tool to convert visitors to clients. When visitors come to your site, you can create form or create the newsletter to ask for their information if they want to get more information about your products. From collecting these emails, you can inform any information to customers such as: new products, promotions, black friday,etc, through email with the most killing title to attract their attention and drive them to your offer. Visitors can expose and dig deeply into your products and tend to purchase later.

Use Email Marketing Effectively

However, you must ensure that the email format contains the content which is helpful, interactive, promotes and offers the product suggestions. Some benefits of using email you must make use of are: Low-cost, Calls to action, Easy to create, Easy to measure whether it can be sent or not, Easy to share, Immediacy, etc.

After being your customers, one more thing you can apply is the Follow Up Email function. It can help you to send any emails based on the customer’s activities such as changing order status, etc. It will engage and maintain your customer’s interest.

  1. Attract visitors to loyal program

One of the most effective way to push visitors to be customers is that you offer them the chances to get reward points when they regist/login/ purchase in your site. After any actions, visitors can get points to their accounts, which pushes visitors to be potential customers in only step of registration. Later on, everytime they login to the account, they will also get more point and especially for purchasing your products, they will have highest points. It’s fast and easy process to earn and spend points.

Attract visitors to loyal program

Moreover, your visitors can be rewarded by so many other activities such as:

  • Reward for purchase item in bulk
  • Reward for signs up
  • Reward for purchasing some specific products
  • Reward for lifetime sale
  • Reward for Google Like
  • Reward for total order
  • Reward for shipping address
  • Reward for subscriptions
  • Reward for review and rating
  • Reward for wishlist
  • Reward for sign in
  • Reward for Facebook Like
  • Reward for adding a product review
  • Reward for special events
  • Reward for Facebook Share
  • Reward for Twitter Tweet
  • Reward for Pinterest Pin
  • Reward for customer
  • Reward by Refer to Friend
  • Much more
  1. Optimize the checkout process

When your visitors come to your store, they definitely want to know about your products. That’s great if they are interested in anything and desire to purchase immediately. How can you impress and push them to be real customers or even close customers. It’s depend on your checkout process whether it is time-saving or not? The more convenient your checkout page is, the more visitors want to be your customers immediately.

 Optimize the checkout process

You should integrate all checkout steps in only one page to bring best shopping experience, which can help customers purchase products in the blink of an eye. Or if you are using marketplace, you also can use the Single Seller Checkout to set rule of checkout for only specific seller. It’s much better for management of you and seller as well.

  1. Use Powerful Call to Actions

Your shopping interface plays an important role in pushing customers to finish transaction. When they spend time surfing on your product, they feel it interesting and if they look deeper, most of their requirements can be met by your products, then they want to make a purchase immediately. However, they have to waste time to finding where can they purchase, which can cause the inconvenience for customers and they will not return your store any time. How can you solve this problem?

Use Powerful Call to Actions

The most ideal way for you is to create the “Call To Action” such as “Buy Now”, or “Place Order” button always appearing in the shop so customers can buy your products anytime and anyway they want. Just some clicks, you can sell lots of items and also can attract the returning rates for the next time.

  1. Attract visitors by implementing reliable social proof like Testimonials

People like to follow the herd. If many people have bought your product before, they’re more likely to do so as well. Testimonials not only show that they say “Yes” to have bought the products, other people are buying this product, but they show how wonderful other people think about them as well. Including many testimonials can raise your brand’s reputation and reliability in your visitors’ minds. They will believe in others and decide to buy your products immediately.

Attract visitors by implementing reliable social proof like Testimonials

  1. Impress visitors by blog’s content

A blog is the most elemental and successful vehicle to deploy in your quest to be an inbound marketing superstar.

Impress visitors by blog’s content

Create a blog that speaks to the needs and wants of your customers and make sure the content is original, creative, educational, entertaining and informative. Thus, your site can attract lots of visitors from blog site if you place some links to your products. If the content of blogs are impressive, they will click immediately to the links and take a look at your products carefully. And surely that they are may be your customers if your products can meet their requirements.

Final words

Apart from those tactics to convert visitors to be customers mentioned above, there are a number of other strategies to do that. However, if you make use of these things effectively, it is enough for you to attract more and more visitors and push them to be customers by your impressive websites.

Take advantages and earn more money!

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