Top 7+ BigCommerce Apps That Will Gain More Customers In Recent Years


The modern world is, perhaps, ruled by only three main things. The internet, commerce, and networking. These three elements manage to drive progress in many areas of the life of human civilization, and they often influence our lives directly. When doing business, these concepts become even more important. The internet and digital technology help us learn things and share information about our business with the customers in a matter of moments.

Finally, networking works as a glue and makes sure that all the elements work together. Still, there are many things on top of that, which can optimize the business and income even more significantly.

Apps: Business Little Helpers

While some of the most important optimizers for today’s business have been provided above, there’s one little thing that blends those elements together in a compact and nice packaging. And those are the apps made specifically from the optimization of the e-commerce business. They might serve a different purpose individually, yet one thing they do for sure and that is promoting your business. So, what are these optimizing apps anyway, why would you need them, and where can you find them?

Purpose of Apps & Their Features

Bigcommerce Apps for working from anywhere

Mobile and computer apps designed for the optimization of the customer flow for e-commerce businesses are on the rise. There are countless e-commerce apps available, and they can be used for a number of purposes, from creating and sorting customer email lists to designing the receipts and analyzing the website traffic. One very prominent and extremely useful feature of such apps is that they are quite cheap, so they can serve you a lifetime as you start. Another noteworthy characteristic of e-commerce apps is that they are lightweight. You can fit them all on one device, should they be available for a single platform, and use them as you need at any time anywhere.

Finally, an ultimately wonderful thing about apps designed for e-commerce development and optimization is that they are universally available. Not only can you gather them all in one place, but you can find them all on a single platform. Essentially, this is where the networking aspect comes into play. There’s one big aggregator of some of the best apps available for e-commerce businesses today and that is BigCommerce. Being so relevant that even writers from Grab My Essay reference it in their works, this platform offers apps for all kinds of purposes that will certainly make your e-commerce business work much better.

Top 8 BigCommerce in 2021

Here are some of the top suggestions that generate an almost perfect toolkit for you.

1. QuickBooks Online

One of the most recommended and well-designed accounting apps, highly regarded by many e-commerce entrepreneurs and retailers. With a price ranging between $15 and $31, depending on the plan, this is a truly epic find to optimize your accounting. QuickBooks Online allows you to create invoices to track the sales per each customer, report income and losses, manage taxes, accept online payments, and much, much more.

2. Putler

Putler for sales reports

Another top-recommended e-commerce app, this time designed for analytics. It’s a highly customizable app that lets you view stats on nearly everything you might imagine about your business, from sales reports to visitor insights and subscription management. And integration and synchronization with Google Analytics allow you to retrieve as precise data as possible any time you like. With a price of $29 per month, this is an ultimate stats and data app to own.

3. TrustPulse

A more universal app, TrustPulse contains a few functions at once that can help you optimize your business and assets. TrustPulse enables you to track actions that your customers perform with your virtual assets such as the website or ads.

Additionally, you can view all the stats in real-time. By seeing how they react to whatever you show them, you can always optimize it to get the greatest results possible, thus, growing your business much better. With a price of $4 per month, this is totally a must-have.

4. Rebillia Platform

Designed for managing user subscriptions and hashed data storage, this is the ultimate app to own for the sake of your and your customers’ comfort. This app does a lot of work for you like recommending other useful resources to your customers, linking or saving their payment methods for future purchases, and setting the retargeting. At the cost of $20 per month, this small app can become your marketing strategy lifesaver.

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5. Mailchimp

Another useful and very well-known app for marketing purposes, and for a reason. Helping you handle such heavy tasks as newsletters and mail statistics, this little helper comes 100% free. Being extremely regarded as user-friendly, this is the ultimate tool for your mailing automation.

6. Facebook Ads

facebook ads

Moving on through the category of extremely useful and free apps for your e-commerce business, Facebook Ads is another lifesaver. With the developers aiming at quality, not quantity, Facebook Ads allows you to create dynamic ads and product listings, view extensive reports on those, and remarket your audience from your website. And all of that on one of the most popular social networks on the internet.

7. ShipStation

Surely, if you do e-commerce, you must deliver something besides email newsletters and proper ads. To actually give your customers what they want and need, you must deliver sold goods to them safely and conveniently for everyone. With ShipStation, you can design printed shipping labels, package slips, and shipping notification emails with minimum effort, as well as get discounts from major postal services, and track your shipping at any time paying only $9 per month.

8. FavSEO

Search engine optimization is one of the key components of marketing today. Having a tool that can manage this important aspect is, thus, more than reasonable. With FavSEO, you can view and analyze the keyword rankings, edit all descriptions and titles on your website or app, and create and submit sitemaps for optimization. All of that is packaged in a nice user-friendly interface for just $19.95 per month.

Organizing Your Toolkit

It’s always great to have resources and be sure that there’s always something you can rely on in an emergency situation. It concerns all types of businesses and their clients. Before using an app or hiring services, look through their reviews online at reliable websites, like TopWritersReview. Professional reviewers do real investigations and provide unbiased feedback on every company, its pros, and cons. Consider also reading Reddit and Quora, as real people chat there and express their thoughts, share experiences.

It is great when an app is available at your disposal at any given time and can travel with you anywhere around the world. That can ensure that you are flexible enough to manage your business even when you’re out on an international trip. At the same time, this can also increase your chances of becoming successful in another country as well. So, don’t hesitate to spend a few bucks on really powerful tools when you see them.

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