How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Magento To Grow Your Store

Use Artificial Intelligence In Magento To Grow Your Store

Most businesses choose Magento because it’s an easy-to-use open-source software with hundreds of features to help businesses excel into profitability. The software can be used on both PC and mobile phone platforms and its SEO features provide powerful sales-driven abilities to businesses.

Despite buying and installing Magento, many businesses still feel they are not achieving the perfect potential and conversion rate. The solution is to use artificial intelligence on Magento to boost your businesses to greater performance. This article will help you know how to use artificial intelligence in Magento.

I. What is Magento?

What is Magento

If you want to launch an e-store or migrate to other platforms, Magento might be your first choice. The e-commerce platform is one of the most secure because it protects your passwords, scans for security and you don’t need to worry much about  PCI compliance in Magento. It’s an important part of the tech industry though and you must think of getting compliant for winning the trust of the clients.

Magento is one of the choicest platforms for e-commerce because it’s built-in PHP to help developers develop e-commerce websites. Its first launch was in early 2018 and to date, many businesses have used it to create their e-stores and make big sales. The same year it was launched, it was bought by Adobe and has since continued to grow fast.

The open-source technology helps businesses create customized e-stores through diverse plug-ins and themes. Businesses create functional online stores with unique content and look to improve customer experience.

II. What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

What is AI

AI is a technology within the field of machine learning that helps users to gather, process, and analyze big data from various sources. The purpose of this process is to help businesses get insights and reports relating to consumer behavior so that they can adjust and serve customers better.

The technology has various tools e-businesses can use to analyze user behavior and use the generated report to develop targeted and personalized marketing strategies. E-businesses also use AI to study data from clients to get intelligence on product development, pricing, and presentation.

III. Primary Magento Features

Primary Magento Features

There are unique features that enable Magento to perform to the maximum. Its product management feature has a lot of images, inventory, and an option to create reviews and comments. To easily find products in a given category, users use the category management feature. Its inventory management feature helps with managing product movements.

Customers use the client account feature that records all transactional history while the payments feature records and enable payments using various payment methods. The e-businesses front office uses the customer service feature to contact customers, do follow-ups, send emails, etc.

IV. Advantages of Using Magento


The most important advantage is the fact that Magento is an open-source software which means users can manipulate it to create e-businesses that fit their needs. It is one of the top choices for businesses looking to create professional e-commerce platforms and long-term business relations. Its main advantages are as follows.

It can be customized: the software is scalable and flexible giving users unlimited options to customize their online stores as per their unique needs. It can be modified if the user feels there is a need to do so.

It doesn’t limit hosts: users not only customize the platform to fit their needs, but they also choose their preferred hosting platform. To make it better, users are free to choose more than one hosting platform and change as they wish.

Can be used on multiple devices: Magento is created to run on PC, any type of smartphone operating system, and iPad. This helps customers get a better shopping experience regardless of the gadget they are using to shop.

It has super speed and is SEO friendly: Magento is one of the fastest e-commerce platforms globally because it loads super-fast and thus improves user experience. It has a series of SEO-friendly features to help users create SEO-friendly content.

Easy integration with multiple applications: It’s easy to integrate Magento with other types of applications such as AI, add-ons, and many other third-party modules. It helps the user have an even better experience and improve productivity.  

V. How to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Magento

Although Magento gives e-commerce platforms powerful features that help them customize their online stores and enhance customer experience, users keep looking for a better way to improve service and profitability. The platform can improve service experience and profits by as much as 40 percent but with AI integration, the entire online store can offer the most powerful user experience.

After Adobe bought Magento, it began to create new technologies to help improve user experience. One of the solutions was to create an extension powered by artificial intelligence in Magento.

The tool was successfully created and the powering technology was Adobe Sensei. When using AI tools in Magento, it is important to make sure you have the right platform connecting you to the marketplace and up-to-date functionalities.

Once AI is integrated into Magento, you can do more than just market your brand. It helps you track your brand, the vehicles clients are using, their location, etc. It enables automated checkout processes, easy and secure transactions, and eliminates fraud. You get a lot of benefits in return.

V. How to use AI in Magento

Chatbots for personalized services

Some simple customer queries require prompt responses and if your store is too busy, some of them might take time to respond. There are many disadvantages when customers wait for too long to get responses but the main one is loss of business. Chatbots help makes quick responses to create a strategy for customer gain and retention.

Retargeted marketing

AI integrated into Magento uses the SEO tools in the platform and data collected from multiple sources to create analyzed market reports. The data and reports released by AI help e-businesses improve their marketing campaigns and customer targeting. They retarget their approaches and to marketing in platforms where their customers are.

Create better-personalized content and products

AI helps online stores understand how their clients are interacting with the store. They understand the channels they are using to access the store, and what products they are searching for. Using this information, businesses can make personalized suggestions to the customers on the best products to buy and give a competitive process.

Improved search experience

Based on previous searches, AI helps customers have a better search experience by displaying procedures that are in the categories of items they have searched for before. When the online store search feature is poor, customers might opt to visit other stores with a better search experience. With AI on Magento, this challenge gets eliminated and customers get what they are interested in their searches.

Limitation of fraud

For online stores to enhance customer experience, they give multiple payment methods. The customer feels happy but to the business, the chances of fraud increase too. Online stores must keep improving their online security and create stronger cyber-secure systems. It’s easier to detect fraudulent activities using AI on Magento and this is a great benefit to e-commerce.

VI. Conclusion

You get multiple benefits when you integrate AI with Magento and your online store stays at par with competitors. You should make sure to use the correct AI extension to get the best from Magento. Use the experienced Magento developers to create relevant applications for your online store needs. AI helps you to scan the market, collect data, analyze it and generate reports that you can use to restart your leads, improve on products, and change your marketing approach.

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