5 Must-Have Admin Tools for Magento 2


Administrators of online stores, not to mention the business owners,, do not have much free time to spend on routine operations. If you spend a lot of time on routine, then when to do business? Efficiency is above all. In this article, we’ll look at the top 5 products that help you do your job more efficiently and thereby help increase revenue.

PDF Customizer

To customize your native PDF templates according to your requirements, the average programmer will spend a week, or even two. The thing is that these are not templates at all, there is generally no markup. Customizing native PDF templates is very difficult thing to do.

Agree that, ideally, the PDF file template should be something like an HTML page, with a markup familiar to everyone. And such a solution does exist! PDF Customizer developed in PotatoCommerce is the best product on the market for creating templates that are easy to change, since they support HTML and CSS. As easy as pie!


Image optimizer

Images occupy the lion’s share of a total page size. As you know, images can be compressed using various compression algorithms without loss of quality. Thus, the size of a JPG or PNG file can be reduced by half, compared to the original. And this significantly increases the speed of loading pages.

How can you compress an image? You can do this manually – open the file in some advanced image editor, like Photoshop, and specify the desired level of compression when saving the product. Or upload your file to a service like TinyPNG for optimization. But what if there are hundreds and thousands of such images?

And we got a solution! Image Optimizer allows you to optimize an unlimited number of images automatically. Everything happens quickly and in the background, and while the module is working, you at this time can enjoy life and drink your mojito!


Performance Optimization Tool

Perhaps you’ve heard about merge and minimization of Javascript and CSS files. Well, it is possible to make single Javascript and CSS file manually, and then minify it (remove unnecessary spaces and indents). But not all Javascript files are used on every page, the same is true for CSS code. In addition, working with a compressed file is not a pleasant way to spend your time. What can we do?

We found the Performance Optimization Tool, which is an incredibly smart solution. It does everything automatically, and allows you to merge and minify not only the main JS and CSS files that are declared on a page, but even those files that are loaded dynamically via the Require.js file. In addition, the module can defer the loading of javascript files to speed up page rendering. It can also minify HTML, as wells as loading all images in one single query to your server. We highly recommend this module. It’s a godsend!


Cache Warmer

You may already experienced that after saving some product the page loads very slowly. The thing is, when the product is saved, its cache is cleared, and the page should be generated from scratch, and it can take 10 seconds or more.

It is often necessary to clean the entire Magento cache, which negatively affects the user experience, since all your hundreds and thousands of pages become very slow. Of course, if you have no more than 30 products on the site, you can manually open all the pages and thereby generate a cache for them. But what if there are hundreds and thousands of such pages? Here, will found the Cache Warmer extension, which automatically monitors the cache status and allows to timely and quickly warm it up. And yes – without any of your participation!



Creating, editing and designing the content for a website is not an easy job. But DragDropr will simplify business processes and make the creation of content much faster and easier. Admins will be able to build beautiful pages in a fraction of a time you had needed before. The available widgets will give you many more options to make the look of your store unique and establish your own brand.

With DragDropr, no prior knowledge or coding skills are required. You can build entire pages, or quickly change any existing content with a simple drag & drop action.

Advanced Reports by LandofCoder

A deep analysis of sales and traffic is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of time. Here you will definitely need a tool that will allow you to display sales statistics from different sides: by product, by category, by payment type, by customer group, by country, etc. One of the best products on the market is Advanced Reports extension developed in LandofCoder. A large number of features and an excellent price make it an ideal choice for those who value their time!

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