Magento Product Tags – What You Need To Know About This Extension


Because we can sort products as a certain list of their tags, we can not refuse that Magento 2 products’ tags are of vital importance. For some e-commerce store, it is definitely crucial: to help customers to find a product and similar products from as many features as it is possible.

In the position as a seller, you always try your best to bring customers with the most convenient information on your products on the product category, blog articles, site menu and more for the online shoppers can easily browse and find what they are looking for.

M2 Product tags in the Topaz Site

In addition, you should also put some efforts into recommending more products related to the product customers are searching. This is where Magento 2 recommended products can be of help.

What are product tags and their meaning?

The incredible #tags

With the stable growth of information on the Internet, it comes more difficult to sort it out by various features.

While menu tabs or a category can enclose a wide range of the topics, the tags are smaller and more specific in scope. They concentrate on the specialized topics or features of the products then navigating online shoppers directly to things that they are desiring and looking for.

Customers are going to describe their desired product with any character that they can think of, add keywords or phrased that help to determine products and their features.

For example, let’s think of a brightly dress with a fresh style that could be tagged by its “characteristic” “summer” “dress” “fresh” “style” “yellow color”, etc. The similar ” summer dress” items can also be tagged as ” pretty” and ” cute”.

Matched tags will be shown on the product page and link to a list of the entire products which have the same tag. The online shoppers desiring to seek other products that marked as ” summer dress” tag can click on the tag and the website will take them to a single page displaying all products matching with this tag.

Moreover, Magento Product Tags does not require too much admin and customers’ energy because they work absolutely independent so you will not meet difficulty in terms of control or management.

Magento 2 product tag
Magento 2 Product Tag allow SUPER FAST searching products!

Prominent features Magento 2 Product Tags should include:

  • Search the items by specific tags in the frontend area.
  • Narrow the search results by tags.
  • Import and Export the tags in bulk.
  • Search by tags is available as an advanced search option.
  • Custom the product tags positions with ease.
  • Support for SEO effectively and friendly URLs.
  • Supports Magento API.
  • Easily add new, update or remove tags in the management area.
  • Multi-language support.

How do the product tags look in the front-end?

Product Tags in the Front-end of Flatsome
Product Tags in the Front-end of Flatsome
Product Tags in the Blog website
Product Tags in the Blog website
Product Tags in the Front-end of Belin
Product Tags in the Front-end of Belin
Product Tags in the Front-end of Topaz
Product Tags in the Front-end of Topaz
Product Tags in the Front-end of Babette

Product Tags in the Front-end of Babette

Best Magento Product Tags Extension

  1. Magento 2 Product Tags | LandOfCoder
  • Price: FREE
  • Magento 2 

This is the newest and most updated version in hundreds of Magento 2 Extension for Product Tag. It has essential and up-to-date functions needed such as quickening seeking process for customers by tag. Get it on very good sale ONLY $0.

Outstanding features:

  • Show product tags in the sidebar and in the product page
  •  Front-end and back-end REST API support
  • Effortless add new, update and delete products with Management Area
  • Manage tags in back-end with super-smart Grid UI
Landofcoder magento 2 product tag
Overview the best Magento 2 Product Tag

It is no more difficult for customers in search of products by tags with tag sidebars appearing right on the left side of the screen. Online shoppers can add or remove tags lighting-fast in looking for goods. Besides, on-page of product details, it is easy to see all tags relating to those goods you are buying.

REST API is a middleman between a programmer and an application. Anytime a request is made by that computer programmer and accepted by the application, a right data is sent back. When purchasing this Magento 2 product tag, admins is provided REST API if asking for.

With back-end, LandOfCoder supplies 5 different extensions including REST API to create new tags, Update Tag Info, Delete Tag by ID, Get list tag, Get list tag by ID.

With the Grid UI table, it is easier than ever to control product tags creations, editions, removes, and mass deletions.

Magento 2 Product tag free
Get Best Magento 2 Product Tag FREE Now!

2. Product Tags For Magento 2 | Webinse

  • Price: $25
  • Magento 2

This modern and easy-to-use extension allows you to extend the capabilities of your store and add tags for products. Product Tags – allows you to assign one or more tags to your products and improve navigation for your customers, which can narrow the search results by tags in product filters or, conversely, view all products with the same tag .

Product tags for Magento 2 by Webinse
ADD to Cart Product tags for Magento 2 by Webinse NOW!

Outstanding features

  • Search by tags in the frontend area.
  • If module Product Tags is enabled, your customers can narrow the search results by tags.
  • Easily add new, update or remove tags in management area.
  • Using MetaKeaywords if tags are not set

Enjoy quick import and export of Tags Default Magento functionality doesn’t allow admin users to add new product tags to the tag cloud themselves. They can only moderate the ones offered by customers. Import Product Tags enables admin to easily import and export the list of all necessary Magento product tags in CSV format just in a few clicks.

Now, using appropriate tags, you can optimize your pages for long tail search requests, thus visibly boosting your site traffic.

magento 2 product tag
Magento Product Tag by Weinuse

3. Magento 2 Product Tags | BSS COMMERCE

  • Price: $59
  • Magento 2

You can miss a huge opportunity to keep customers stay longer and make the purchase if there are no product tags on your store.

magento 2 product tag
BSS Commerce Magento 2 Product Tags BUY NOW!

4. Product Tags for Magento 2 | Envatomarket

  • Price: $34
  • Magento 2

Assign one or multiple tags to your products and improve the navigation for your customers, who can narrow the search results by tags in the Product Filters or, vice versa, see all products with the same tag.

magento 2 product tag
Buy HERE Magento 2 Product Tags of Envatomarket!
  • Noteworthy feature:

Check product tags in front-end (Product detail page)

magento 2 product tag
Envatomarket attach tags on detail product page


As you can see, product tags are vital importance when it comes to sorting, narrowing and finding products.

Product tags provide significant possibilities of efficient affecting the functionality of your store: boost sale up by suggesting the similar products matched with desired features or slow it down. So take time to configure them in the right way.

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