4+ Best Magento 2 Search Extensions Free & Premium

4+ Best Magento 2 Search Extensions

In this collection, we offer you 4+ best Magento 2 Search Extensions picked from hundreds of one step extension in the market.

With this list, you will have all necessary information of best Magento 2 Search Extensions including provider, review and rating, highlight features, description, demo, price and details. These information will be useful for you to make your purchasing decision faster, easier and more precise

These extensions are chosen carefully by Landofcoder Magento Experts. It will be very helpful for you to get the best extension for your site.

4+ Best Magento 2 Search Extensions

1. Magento 2 Search Extensions By Landofcoder

As you may know, some customer prefer to navigation menu to find product; meanwhile, others love using the search tab to find out their desired product. Hence, if you can let your customer search product fast, it will help you increase your site conversion rate. Our magento 2 auto search offer Ajax Search With Lightening Fast Speed. Engage customers from the very first typed character. This amazing state of the art search tool help you enhance shopping experience, boost buying process and increase conversion rate.

auto search extension magento 2 by landofcoder

Main Features:

  • Search as you type from the first typed character
  • Ajax Search With Lightning Fast Speed
  • Search Autocomplete & Relevant Suggestions
  • Trending Keyword Suggestion
  • Optimize search for phones and tablets
  • Magento 2 Search Autocomplete with Filter Categories
  • Customized Appearance
  • Right-to-left languages are supported
  • Display ADD TO CART Button
  • Fast speed with Magento Block Caching

Price: $45.00

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2. Magento 2 Search Extensions By Mirasvit

One of the most important features for an e-commerce store is searching among thousands of products. If results are relevant and your store search speed is high, you get more satisfied customers and more sales.
Sphinx Search Ultimate is the fastest and the most advanced search extension for Magento 2. It uses the unique search engine Sphinx to provide the most relevant results in a split second. Sphinx Engine gives your store one of the most outstanding search speeds and indexing results ever: over 500 queries/sec against 1,000,000 skus. It is supported on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

2 magento 2 auto search extension

Main Features:

  • Great customer search experience: just seek and find!
  • High searching speed of over 500 queries/sec against 1,000,000 skus
  • Searching by multiple content types: CMS pages, blogs, catalog products, categories and attributes, custom content supported
  • Magento 2 Search results are perfect for any language
  • Searching by category name, custom options or associated products supported
  • Automatic correction of typing errors while searching
  • Stop-words and synonyms supported
  • Searching with hyphens/slashes supported
  • Easy installation process
  • Responsive themes supported

Price: $249.00

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3. Magento 2 Search Extensions By Mageworx

Let your customers quickly find what they need with the savvy search autocomplete functionality. Instantly display most relevant search results in a customizable AJAX pop-up and let customers purchase products right in from the search box!

3 magento 2 auto search

Main Features:

  • Instant search results in a customizable AJAX pop-up
  • Suggested searches
  • Smart search queries caching
  • Adjustable search delay period
  • The ability to specify the # of displayed search results
  • Including product details (product image, SKU, price, reviews/ratings, etc.)
  • “Add to Cart” button right in the search results

Price: Free

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4. Magento 2 Search Extensions By Amasty

4 magento 2 auto search extension

Help customers to instantly find necessary products with an informative quick search window. Customize autocomplete popup display according to users’ needs and make product search process as easy as it can be.

Main Features:

  • Use advanced autocomplete window
  • Display recent and popular searches
  • Enable search in categories, products and on CMS pages
  • Customize search window layout
  • Display ‘Add to cart’ button in the autocomplete popup

Price: 139,00

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 Other Information( Version Compatibility, Frequent update, Installation & Support Services, Self-experiences

Top 4 ExtensionsCompatibilityUpdatesInstallation & SupportCustomer Experiences
 LandofcoderMagento 2.0.0 – Magento 2.0.1 – Magento 2.0.2 – Magento 2.0.3 – Magento 2.0.4 – Magento 2.0.5 – Magento 2.0.6 – Magento 2.0.x – Magento 2.1.x – Magento 2.2.0 – Magento 2.2.x Free Lifetime Updates 

  • Free Support
 This function ” Right-to-left languages” – I really like.It’s easy to integrate and customize anything with great support when I needed.The speed of the searches are magically when I access this extension.
 MirasvitMagento 2.0-2.2 Free Lifetime Updates 

  • Installation +$49
  • Free Support
MageworxMagento 2.1.2 Free Lifetime Updates 

  • Free Support
 I am a magento developer and have used this plugin in a number of sites for my clients and astonishingly, this plugin does it job so good. Search result is perfect and so far I have not encountered any issues so far.
  AmastyMagento 2.1-2.2Not given 

  • Installation +$59
  • Free Support
 Easy to install, easy to use, improves the search process, works as described, one more great extension by Amasty!
  • Customer’s Rating review
  • Our experiences on product demo
  • The price, features
  • Social Popularity: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+
  • Google Ranking
  • Compatibility
  • Provider credibility

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