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As you know, the process of design a series of questions is time-consuming and causes a headache for each designer. And now, get rid off worry, please! Because we have 1 important support tools – FAQ- is supported to you effectively. In terms of this blog, we will disclose clearly about Magento 2 FAQ extension. You may feel our enthusiastic and patiently to catch your desire.

Firstly, the reason for this choice is its convenience. Why did I say that? Because Magento 2 FAQ extension helps to set up nice informative & SEO-friendly Magento FAQ page. Advanced best Magento 2 FAQ extension also allows you to create a list of frequently asked questions on product detail page.

anh3.userinterfaceSecondly, by powerful Search Tool Give Exact Results, it is a crucial suggestion tool whenever you remember or not.

1. search FAQ Thirdly, in virtue of showing numerous frequent asked questions on the top page, you easily to choose exactly your need question. In addition, your customers can deal their problems themselves. It means that your site can save time and money to create the range of question in the most effective way.

anh1. Most FAQ

Fourthly, thanks to showing FAQ on Product Page, customers can add questions to any product page they want. So we are proud that these amazing features are only provided by our FAQ extension for Magento 2 

anh FAQ

Besides, it comes with a strong other function. Such as: Easily Create Unlimited Topics & Categories on the backend, Easily Add Question With Nice Popup, View answers with Expand/ Collapse feature, Multiple Layouts & Styles.

In conclusion, with above the reasons, I strongly summarize that our Magento 2 product FAQ  extension becomes more attractive and larger and closer to our customers.

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