How to reset Magento 2 admin password

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In this post, i will show you how to reset Magento 2 admin password. We have 3 methods to reset an admin password.

Method 1. Web interface

This is the quickest way to reset your Magento 2 admin password.
+)The first, go to your admin login page:

1. admin login page

+) Click the Forgot your password ?

2. Forgot your password?

+) Now you will enter a new page where you can enter the email you want to receive your new Magento password, then click Retrieve Password button:

3. Retrieve Password

+) If your email is correct, the Magento system will automatically send a confirm email to your email, then you need to click and the link will redirect to the Magento reset password page. The link is valid in 24 hours.

4.reset password

+) Enter 2 fields are New password and Confim New Password

Method 2: CLI

+) Login to your server with SSH, then go to the folder root of site.

+) Create a new admin user by using the command below:

php bin/magento admin:user:create --admin-user="demo" --admin-password="demo123" --admin-email="" --admin-firstname="Lof of" --admin-lastname="Coder"

5. Method 2.1

+) Login to admin panel using the new account, then change the password of account that you lost

6. Method 2.2 Check more detail at

Method 3: phpMyadmin

We can reset your Magento 2 admin password directly through the database of your website application. Change Magento 2 admin password using database is very easy. Just log to the phpMyadmin cpanel and select the database of your site. Check the database name using for your site in file <folder_root>/app/etc/env.php and find the field ‘dbname’ => ‘CURRENT_DATABASE’,

Run the query below to set new password for account that you lost:

UPDATE `admin_user` SET `password` = MD5('NEWPASSWORD') WHERE `username` = 'ADMINUSERNAME';

Admin_user: this is database table from the Magento database.
NEWPASSWORD: the new password which you want to be set.
ADMINUSERNAME: your Magento admin username

7.Method 3.1

Execute the query and your new password will be set.

8.Method 3.2 This tutorial helps you reset admin magento 2 Password perfectly. If you have any question please view more at the related below tutorials or leave your comment at this bottom page. We are welcome your comment.

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